What Does Red Bean Paste Taste Like?

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In this article, we’re diving into your biggest questions about red bean paste: what does it taste like?How’s the texture?What can you make with it?

Red Bean Paste

Onward to the answers…

What Does Red Bean Paste Taste Like? 

Despite the fact that red bean paste is made from adzuki beans, it’s sweet due to the addition of sugar.It’s reminiscent of sweet potato, earthy and deep.

Though red bean paste is sweet, the flavor of the bean is still present.This works to add a savory quality, though overall, red bean paste is sweet and dessert-like.

Red Bean Paste Texture 

The texture of standard red bean paste is smooth, creamy and thick.It may have a very slight graininess, though it is not very noticeable.

How smooth red bean paste is depends on how it’s prepared.Some red bean pastes are not completely pureed, deliberately leaving some pieces of whole bean intact for varied texture.However, most red bean pastes available for purchase are completely smooth.

Do note that some red bean pastes are vegan and others are not.They could contain butter, so watch out! 

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How Long Does Red Bean Paste Last? 

Homemade red bean paste lasts a decent amount of time: up to several weeks in the refrigerator.This goes for premade red bean paste that has been opened, too.

Like other jarred and canned goods, jarred red bean paste from the store will last much longer.Refer to the dates on the labels for specifics time frames.

What Is Red Bean Paste Used for? 

You might see red bean paste in mochi, a sweet Japanese snack made from glutinous rice, or in Chinese red bean buns, which are pastries with often chunky red bean filling.It’s important to note that while mochi rice is vegan (fillings may vary), the Chinese pastries are probably not.

Red bean paste is used in a variety of cuisines and recipes, most typically in desserts, mochi and sweetened breads.

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How Do You Make Smooth Red Bean Paste? 

The secret to making smooth red bean paste is to use well-soaked adzuki beans and to blend, blend, blend.We’ve linked a video below for the ultimate smooth red bean paste so you can watch every step involved.

Using a food processor or a Vitamix can be helpful in achieving the smoothest, creamiest red bean paste while a masher will create a chunkier paste.Let the beans soak as long as twenty-four hours if you’re using a masher.

Prep Tips for Red Bean Paste  

So how does one go about preparing red bean paste?As it turns out, the process is super simple.Below are videos that will show you how to make red bean paste and vegan mochi.

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This video demonstrates how to make vegan red bean paste using adzuki beans soaked in water overnight and then boiled with dates to make a refined sugar-free version.

Here’s a way to make red bean paste with an incredibly smooth texture.It includes boiled and sieved red beans, cane sugar, glutinous rice flour and a touch of cooking oil to thin the paste out and make it incredibly creamy.

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Now that you know how to make red bean paste, it’s time to turn it into delicious mochi.This vegan strawberry mochi recipe calls for red bean paste, strawberries, glutinous rice flour and sugar.

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Wrap Up

Red bean paste is a sweet, earthy filling for desserts like pastries and even vegan ice cream.It’s a little like sweet potato, but it’s also quite beany—in a good way!Vegan mochi is a simple way to enjoy red bean paste.Put on your chef hat and get creative with different kinds of fruit fillings and flavorings.

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