What Does Pandan Taste Like?

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Pandan leaves cut up in a bowl

Let’s dive right into it…


Like vanilla, pandan is not eaten straight, but rather used to flavor foods.If you’re curious, you’ll find pandan close to tough grass in texture.

Pandan is not a food experience in and of itself but rather a flavor experience.Boil it in water and run it through a sieve to enjoy it by itself.

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Like vanilla, pandan is used as a flavoring agent in many different desserts.It may be used in ice cream, cakes and sweet icings (which you can make in vegan versions).

But that’s not all you can do with pandan.As previously mentioned, pandan can be boiled with water to produce a tasty beverage, and it can also be added to savory dishes.A traditional way of enjoying pandan in savory cooking is to add it to rice, which will give the rice a pleasant taste and aroma.

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What Can You Substitute for Pandan Leaves? 

Pandan is not necessarily available outside of Asian markets, so it’s good to know what you can substitute for it in a recipe.While nothing can replace the flavor of pandan, vanilla might be a good place to start.Pandan does not taste like vanilla, but vanilla will give your recipe a similarly sweet and dessert-like taste.

If vanilla isn’t cutting it, a splash of jasmine tea in addition to the vanilla might work a little better.The tea will add the flowery scent and flavor while the vanilla will add the sweetness.

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For starters, you’ll be wanting to know how to extract the juice from pandan, which you’ll learn in the first video linked below.Then, you can move on to the wonderful world of pandan desserts in the second video.

To make pandan juice, you’ll need fresh pandan leaves, a grinder and a sieve.You’ll see the easiest way to accomplish this with scissors.No grinder?No problem.Use a blender instead.

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