What does Ginseng Taste Like?

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What Does Ginseng Taste Like? 

In the U.S., ginseng is most commonly used as an ingredient in candies and energy drinks. If you see an actual piece of ginseng, you'll be reminded of its tuber nature as it looks much like a whitish carrot or parsnip with tangly roots on the ends.

The flavor of ginseng root is bitter and earthy with a touch of sweetness (also like carrots). However, the bitterness is the most obvious flavor in ginseng.

Ginseng Texture 

Raw ginseng is a little tough, fibrous and woody. Ginseng may also be dried, which gives it a chewiness if it's still somewhat moist, though very dried ginseng is extremely tough.

Cooking ginseng will make it creamier, but cooking too long can damage the texture and leave it mushy. Of the options, cooked ginseng tends to have the optimal texture.






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