What Does Ginger Tea Taste Like?

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Cup of ginger tea with lemon on wooden table

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Most packaged ginger teas are rather mild.They tend to carry more of the flavor of ginger than the heat with light floral notes and a subtle earthiness.

Plain ginger tea is neither sweet nor savory.It’s more herbal in flavor, like a somewhat grassy tea without the bitterness.Ginger teas are often mixed with citrus and other fruits, which blend well with the earthy taste.

Is Ginger Tea Spicy? 

Some dried ginger teas may be spicier than others, but in general, they’re very gentle.Fresh ginger is a different story.If you’ve ever nibbled a slice of raw ginger, you know what fresh ginger tea tastes like.

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But spiciness isn’t the only characteristic of the fresh version.The floral qualities really open up and produce a pleasant aroma that may be a touch peppery.

You can control some of the spice by simply using less ginger in your teapot or slicing it instead of grating it.Or you can steep it with other teas, herbs and fruits.Of course, a little sweetener will also do the trick.

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