What Does Cactus Pear Taste Like?

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In this guide, we’re going to cover cactus pear taste, texture, along with a few different ways that you can eat and enjoy these prickly fruits…

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What Does a Cactus Pear Taste Like?

Cactus pear, or prickly pear, is known for tasting like a very concentrated watermelon. It’s a concentrated floral flavor that is incredibly appealing.

Like a lot of fruits, cactus pears tend to be a little sweet, and that sweetness can sometimes cover up the delicious taste of the fruit itself.

Cactus Pear Texture

Cactus pears have fruit that isn’t as firm as most ripe melons and tends to be a little soft and spongy. This doesn’t meant that it isn’t good, only that you need to be prepared for a significantly softer and more ripe texture than you may have been expecting.

The fruit, when peeled, does tend to be a little slimy in texture, which can make the cactus pear feel a little like an overripe cantaloupe or a peeled cucumber.

One thing to be aware of when eating a cactus pear is that they have multiple small seeds, which are edible, but many people prefer not to eat them.

If you are not opposed to eating the seeds, then you can easily slice the fruit and eat it whole. Other ways to eat the cactus pear is to take the time to remove the seeds before consuming it or to spit them out, like you would with a watermelon seed, after each bite.

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How to Eat a Cactus Pear

Cactus pear, due to its softer consistency, is often used in smoothies and in juices, but can be used in salads and other dishes, as well.

Some of the most popular dishes that use cactus pears are:

  • Juices
  • Salads
  • Dressings
  • Cocktails

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The above video shows you how easily you can peel and prepare a cactus pear to eat raw, which is a very delicious and refreshing snack.

In the above video you can see how cactus pears, when paired with oranges, will create a delicious and refreshing juice. The acidity of the oranges helps to cut the sharpness and the sweetness of the cactus pear which otherwise might be a little overwhelming for some people.

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Enjoy the flavor of both red and green cactus pears in this light and refreshing salad. By blending half of the fruit and mixing it with oil and spices, you can create a delicious dressing to use on top of the salad.

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Wrap up

Because a cactus pear has such a sweet and refreshing taste and has such an interesting texture, it’s a popular ingredient for many recipes. As you can see, it’s a fun way to add bright color to your meals and to enjoy the amazing flavor.

Because cactus pears can be eaten raw as a snack or can be included in a recipe, it’s a great option for any person to have in their kitchen, especially when you are looking for a flavor that will help improve a bland dish.

Using cactus pears will add a taste of the tropics to your meals and allow you to include yet another incredible fruit in your meals.

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