What Does Boba Taste Like?

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what does boba taste like

In this article, we’re going to cover all of your taste and texture questions about boba or bubble tea. We’ll even touch on a few things

Let’s begin, shall we?

What Does Boba Taste Like?

Boba tea is usually an incredibly sweet drink. The balls themselves do not have much of a flavor, although they will absorb some of the liquid they are in. The only flavor that you will get when drinking boba tea comes from the liquid that you choose.

You can opt for a fruit based or a milk based tea. Some locations offer more exotic flavors which will leave the boba balls with a stronger taste.

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Boba Texture

Boba tea is very frothy and creamy, with a texture that is like a melted milkshake. The tapioca balls at the bottom of the tea are very chewy, as they are made from tapioca starch.

Generally, boba tea are cold, but they are not frozen and blended like milkshakes or frappes are, so they will not freeze the tapioca balls at the bottom.

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Do You Chew the Bubbles in Bubble Tea?

The bubbles at the bottom of your boba, or bubble tea, are edible and are incredibly chewy, which is something that a lot of people like.

While you can just swallow the bubbles if you don’t want to chew them, most people do chew the bubbles, finding it to be an enjoyable experience.

Why Is Boba Black?

Most tapioca balls that are used in boba tea are black instead of white or clear. These balls are a much better option for use in bubble tea than white tapioca pearls are, as they will do a better job showing up.

Since boba tea generally has a bright color, only black tapioca balls will show up when in the liquid. White tapioca balls turn clear when they are cooked and would simply disappear.

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Is Boba Supposed to Be Chewy?

Tapioca balls are made from a starch that comes from cassava. This is a very common flour or starch alternative to use in cooking and always gets chewy when it is cooked. For this reason, the balls in boba tea will be chewy, and not hard.

If tapioca balls aren’t cooked for long enough, then they may have a solid hard center in the middle of the ball. This can be rectified with more cooking and it is a sign that the tapioca pearls weren’t cooked correctly.

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What’s the Difference Between White and Black Tapioca Pearls?

Even though most home cooks have white tapioca pearls in their kitchen, boba tea generally features black tapioca pearls. This is because of how sweet they are in addition to their attractive color.

Black tapioca pearls have added brown sugar, which accounts for both the sweetness, as well as for their different color. Besides that, there is no real difference between black and white pearls.

They both come from the cassava root and have the same cooking instructions before they can be used in boba tea.

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Wrap up

Boba tea is a lot of fun to drink, thanks to the fun flavors that you can choose from in addition to the chewy tapioca balls that are at the bottom. Trying it when you get a chance will allow you to experience the enjoyment of this great drink.

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