Fruits Like Raspberries (10 Fruits That Look and Taste Similar)

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Fruits Like Raspberries

Do you love tart berries? Then check out our list of 10 wonderful fruits like raspberries so you can find some new varieties to enjoy!

1. Thimbleberries

If you live in North America, you may have seen these growing wild in the forest before. They’re the fruits of the Rubus parviflorus plant, and are close cousins to raspberries.

In fact, they taste almost identical! The main difference is that thimbleberries are wider and flatter than raspberries, and have a slightly fuzzy texture—almost like velvet.

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2. Loganberries

If you came across loganberries in the wild, chances are you’d think that you’d found strange-looking raspberries. They’re very closely related, and they look and taste almost identical.

The differences between them are subtle. Loganberries have more of an elongated, oblong shape while raspberries are more like little cups. Additionally, logans are just a bit more tart than raspberries. They’re amazing made into jams and jellies, however, or juiced and sieved to make unbelievably delicious sorbet.

3. Salmonberries

These berries only grow up the PNW, from northern Oregon all the way up to Alaska. They look like yellowish raspberries, but their flavor is significantly more tart. In fact, they’re so astringent that they’ll make your jaw pucker and ache if you try to eat them raw. And let’s not get started on what they’ll do to your belly…

The good news is that they’re amazing once they’ve been cooked and sweetened, just like elderberries. Try them cooked down with agave syrup or sugar to make a compote sauce for ice cream. Or transform them into jam/jelly.

4. Wineberries

If you’re wondering how these berries got their name, it isn’t because a handful of them will get you drunk. Rather, these tiny berries (which look like pinkish-orange raspberries) are often used to make berry wine.

They’re a bit too tart to eat raw, but you can make them into the aforementioned beverage, or tasty jam.

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5. Blackberries

You’ve undoubtedly tasted blackberries before… but on the off chance that you haven’t yet, please amend that immediately. These larger, darker raspberry cousins taste like absolute heaven. They burst into juicy taste explosions with every bite, and only make a brief appearance every summer.

Blackberries are very closely related to raspberries, but are sweeter and have more moisture in them. While black raspberries are still a bit on the tart side, actual blackberries are downright nectar-like in flavor and texture.

6. Kotataberries

Remember how loganberries taste pretty much exactly like raspberries? Well, kotataberries are a tri-hybrid cross bred with loganberries, boysenberries, and blackberries. They have a slightly deeper, richer flavor than raspberries, are are dark blue-purple like blackberries.

Although they’re mostly grown in Oregon, you can find them at farmer’s markets all over the country. Or, you could try growing them on your own.

7. Cloudberries

Do you live in Sweden, Denmark, or Iceland? Or in northern North America like Alaska or the Yukon? Then see if you can get your hands on some fresh cloudberries. They taste absolutely wonderful, with a sweet-tart, creamy taste reminiscent of yogurt.

If you don’t live in the great white north, however, you can still enjoy these berries in a different way. Head over to your local IKEA and pick up a jar of cloudberry jam. Then slather that on toast, crumpets, rice cakes, or whatever else you have on hand.

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8. Tayberries

You’re only likely to find these if you’re meandering around Scotland’s Tay river area. They’re cross-bred between Scottish raspberries and Aurora blackberries, and taste like a glorious combination of the two. Appearance-wise, they have blackberries’ longer form, but are a deep, rich pink hue from their raspberry parentage.

Like cloudberries, tayberries are available in jam form if you cannae head over to Alba any time soon.

9. Marionberries

Those loganberries do like to get cross-bred with other species. An Oregon horticulturist bred them with California blackberries to create a super-tasty berry. Then that plant was hybridized with a Himalayan blackberry plant. The result is a big, deep purple fruit that looks like a blackberry and tastes like raspberry. How can you go wrong with that? FYI, they’re also known as “Chehalem berries” in case you’re having trouble finding them.

They’re just as delicious in desserts as they are fresh, so be sure to experiment with them. Juice them and transform them into sorbet or vegan ice cream, try making them into wine, or toss handfuls of them into your cereal. Just because you can.

10. Olallieberries

If you love hybrid fruits, definitely try to get your hands on some olallieberries. They’re a cross between youngberries and loganberies, and they taste like a mix of blackberries, raspberries, and blue plums.

While you can eat them raw, their flavor really shines after they’ve been cooked. Preserves like jams and jellies are favorites, of course, but these are stellar in pies, galettes, and other baked goods too.

These fruits like raspberries are generally of similar shape and flavor. Some are sweeter, some are more tart, but all are absolutely delicious.

As you can see, there are many other fruits like raspberries that you can try out. Expand your palate with the varieties you can find fresh at farmer’s markets