Fruits Like Cashew Fruit (6 Substitutes that Look and Taste Similar)

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You’ve probably eaten cashew nuts before, but are you familiar with the crunchy fruits that surround them? They’re delicious and taste different than you’d assume. If you’re wondering whether there are other fruits like cashew fruit are out there, and what they taste like, read on!

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List of Fruits Like Cashew

Although there aren’t any fruits out there that are identical to cashew apples, there are a few that share similarities. We’ve put together a list of 6 fruits that share certain traits. You might have tried some of them already, but hopefully, we’ve provided you with some new varieties to explore too.

1. Bell Peppers

Bell peppers on bowl 

Interestingly, many people describe cashew fruits as tasting both sweet and savory. Most say that it tastes like a mix of mango, citrus, cucumber, and bell pepper. Of course, green peppers taste very different than yellow, orange, or red ones. Cashew apples don’t have the same funk that green peppers offer. Instead, they share the spicy sweetness you’ll find in warmer-hued varieties.

If you’re fond of this kind of savory fruit, definitely try to get your hands on cashew fruits as soon as possible.

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2. Cucumbers

Cucumber on chopping board

There are many different types of cucumber out there, but they all taste similar. Some have a very mild flavor, however, or a bit more crunch than the others do. If you’re fond of their juicy crunch and unique taste, aim for smaller varieties. Crystal apple cucumbers, for example, are both savory and sweet. They have a classic cuke flavor, but with sweeter juice.

These fruits hit some of the same flavor notes as cashew fruits, and match them in juiciness. Try combining them with mangoes and red peppers to see if you can re-create the original flavor!

3. Rose Apples

Rose apples sliced

These myrtle plant fruits come from Southeast Asia and share some cashew fruit traits. They’re both crunchy, and have less juice in them than many other fruits. Additionally, their flavor is both sweet and savory.

While cashew apples have pepper notes, rose apples taste more like roses mixed with crunchy pears. Some people compare their flavor to Turkish delight, as that shares their rosewater fragrance.

4. Caimitos

Caimitos sliced

Star apples taste as lovely as they look. When sliced horizontally, they reveal a bright white star against their pink inner flesh. They’re harder to find in North America than some of the other fruits on this list, but well worth the scavenger hunt.

Try them in a fruit salad along with some of the other fruits on this list. You might discover that their flavors and textures compliment one another beautifully.

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5. Guapples


As you may have assumed from their name, guapples are hybrids of guavas and apples. They seem to be spontaneous hybrids that appeared in Thailand a while ago, and taste rather fascinating. They share apples’ crunchy texture, but guava’s sweetness and juiciness.

Try putting these through a blender with a bit of cucumber and yellow pepper (and perhaps a dash of hot sauce). You may well discover that you’ve created a cashew fruit-like facsimile all your own.

6. Mangoes

Mangoes on chopping board

Have you ever bitten into a perfectly ripe mango? It’s a downright blissful experience that everyone should try at least once. Actually, make that at least ten times. Mango is one of the primary flavor notes found in a cashew apple, so it makes sense to use this as a substitute, if needed.

Unripe mangoes are quite dense to the touch and don’t have a strong scent. In contrast, ripe mangoes are very fragrant, and their flesh will bruise when squeezed. Look for mangoes that feel heavy when you hold them, and offer a bit of “give” when you squeeze them gently. These attributes will offer you the most mango-like deliciousness.

Wrap Up

As you can see, there are other fruits like cashew that you can try out. Some are sweet, others are more savory, but all are delicious. Many of these are also easier to get your hands on than cashew fruits. They don’t travel well when fresh, so you’ll need to live in (or visit) either Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam, the Philippines, the Cote d’Ivoire, or India to taste them.

Alternatively, you can mix and match the fruits on this list to create a similar flavor combination. Of course, this means that you’ll need to taste several delicious varieties to get the combo just right. Fortunately, since everything here is absolutely delicious, that won’t be a difficult chore to get through.