Is Fish Sauce Vegan? Vegan Fish Sauce Brands

Is fish sauce vegan? This is a hot topic for many newcomers to the lifestyle. We're here to give you the answer and give you some vegan fish sauce brands to try...

Here's what you should know...

Is Fish Sauce Vegan?

Because fish sauce's main ingredient is fish, it's definitely not vegan, and it's used extensively in many Asian cuisines, including Korean, Thai and Vietnamese.

But that doesn't mean vegans can't partake! We'll show you how below, but first, let's learn a little more about the flavor fish sauce lends to dishes.

What's Fish Sauce Made out of?

Most fish sauces are made with anchovies, which are salted and left to ferment in barrels for weeks to years. 

Here are the ingredients in Blue Dragon Fish Sauce (pictured above):

Ingredients: Anchovy Extract, Salt, Sugar.

The sauce is famous for its combination of sweet, savory and salty flavors, and it's commonly found in many popular Asian dishes:

  • Pad thai
  • Drunken noodles
  • Curry

Replacing fish sauce in dishes like these requires some finesse, but it is possible. We've found several substitutes that are simple and tasty.

Vegan Fish Sauce brands

Tofuna Fysh Vegan Fysh Sauce

Tofuna Fysh Sauce's balanced flavors come from tamari, fruit juice and seaweed. You can use it proportionally in any recipe that calls for fish sauce.

Ingredients: organic tamari (water, organic soy beans, salt, organic alcohol), rice vinegar, pineapple juice concentrate, organic seaweed blend (dulse, laver, sea lettuce), wasabi.

Tofuna Fysh Sauce is available on Amazon (linked above).

Happy cooking!

Good Substitute For Fish Sauce

When you're cooking at home or eating at a restaurant that uses fish sauce, you (or the chef) can try these mixtures instead:

  • Shiitake mushroom broth and soy sauce for earthy/salty
  • Soy sauce, lime juice and sugar for salty/sour/sweet
  • Soy sauce and vegan Worcestershire sauce for salty/pungent

If you're having trouble finding the right blend of ingredients, ready-made vegan fish sauce does exist! The only problem is that it's not usually found at chain grocery stores.

But that doesn't mean it's impossible or even difficult to find.

Where to Buy Vegan Fish Sauce

Check your local health food store or Asian market - just carefully read the labels for the word "vegan."

You can also find vegan fish sauce online. Portland, Oregon company Tofuna Fysh makes a fantastic fish sauce substitute called Fysh Sauce, which we recommend (now linked above).

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