15 Fruits that Start with N

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fruits that start with N

Are you searching for fruits that start with N? We’ll do you one better – not only will we show you a bunch of fruits that start with the letter “N,” but we’ll tell you about each one.

1. Naartjie


Easy to peel, naartjie might be a great citrus to snack on. One English name for the fruit is satsuma, which is named after a province in Japan.

If you’re searching for a sweeter citrus, this might be one you should try.

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2. Nam Dok Mai

nam dok mai

You might not find Nam Dok Mai in the western hemisphere so much, but you will find it in Thailand and Australia. In fact, it is the most popular type of mango in Thailand.

Nam Dok Mai has a sweet taste and appealing aroma.

3. Nance


Are you looking for a fruit you could use for its scent? With the nance, which is known for its very pungent smell, you might have just found the perfect fruit.

Otherwise, you can just eat them raw, too. Some people even use it to make candy.

4. Naranjilla


The naranjilla is a plant from the nightshade family. Growing it is difficult because it needs to be protected from both wind and direct sunlight.

5. Nashi Pear

nashi pear

Nashi is another name for the Asian pear. These are particularly watery pears, so they’re not good for baking. Typically, people eat them raw.

If you’d like to learn about pears, you can take a look at our guide to what pears taste like.

6. Natal Plum

natal plum

Because of its capability of dealing with salty winds, the natal plum grows in coastal regions. You can eat it raw or use it in baking.

7. Navel Orange

Navel Orange

Navel oranges are a type of citrus. Their thick rind makes it easy to peel them, and they’re too bitter for juice, so they’re generally used for eating raw.

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8. Nectarine


Nectarines are sometimes called shaved peaches because they don’t any peach fuzz on them. They are a type of peach with a much sweeter taste that has a bit of spice to it.

9. Neem


The Indian neem plant grows fruits, but in a culinary sense, it’s more often used as a vegetable. However, it has many uses beyond food, including medicine and even a natural form of pest control.

10. Nepali Hog Plum

Nepali hog plum

Nepali hog plum, which is also called lapsi, was also on our list of fruits that start with L. It has green or yellow skin and white flesh that is described as tasting sour.

11. Newton Pippin Apple


There are tons of apple types to choose from, and Newton Pippin is one of them. Unlike many other apple varieties, though, this one is not grown on a commercial scale. It has been grown in the United States since the late 1600’s.

12. Nocera


Different types of wine use different varieties of grape. Nocera is an Italian grape that’s used to make wines that are highly acidic. Unfortunately, it’s very vulnerable to disease.

13. Nonda Plum

Nonda plum

You’ll find the Nonda plum growing in some parts of Australia. It’s not cultivated on a commercial scale – instead, people simply take the fruits from wild trees.

14. Northern Spy Apple

Northern spy apple

The Northern Spy is an apple cultivar that was created in the United States in 1800. It’s a great apple for baking and juice.

15. Nutmeg

nutmeg fruit

Most people know of nutmeg as the spice you put in some pies. However, the nutmeg tree also grows a fruit that can be used to make candy or jam.

Fruits that Start with N