5 Fruits that Start with I

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5 Fruits that Start with I

In this post, we’ll be going over fruits that start with I. We’ll also tell you about each one briefly so you can learn more about each fruit.

Let’s begin…

1. Ice Apple

Ice Apple

Ice apple comes from some southeastern Asian countries. There are jelly seed pockets on the inside of the fruit, which may get its name due to the fact that its jelly is almost clear.

It is not necessarily related to apples as most people know them. Read more about where true apples grow in our guide about where apples are grown.

2. Ichang Lemon


Ichang lemon is also called shangjuan. It’s extremely resistant to the cold, which makes it a good pick for cooler environments.

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3. Idared Apple

Idared Apple

Are you trying to find a good apple to make pie or applesauce out of? Consider the Idared apple, which has a pleasantly tart flavor and exceedingly juicy texture.

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4. Indian Gooseberry

Indian Gooseberry

Another name for the Indian gooseberry is emblic, which was featured on our list of fruits that start with E. You can find that list below.

The Indian gooseberry has religious significance in some Buddhist traditions. You can also eat it raw or cooked.

5. Indian Plum

Indian Plum

Although it’s called the Indian plum, this fruit actually comes from North America. Some Native Americans thought it was an aprhodisiac and anesthetic.

Fruits that Start with I