15 Fruits that Start with D

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15 Fruits that start with D

If you’re searching for fruits that start with D, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll cover all the applicable fruits we could find, as well as tell you a fact about each one.

Ready to learn? Keep reading, then, to dive into these fruits.

1. Dabai Fruit

dabai fruit

The small dabai fruit could be compared visually to grapes with a really dark skin. It has roots in Borneo, where the trees can grow up to 50 meters in height.

In some places, dabai is prized as a delicacy. You have to soak it in water to soften it before eating.

2. Damson


Damsons, like dabai, also kind of look like grapes in shape and color. You’ll find it most frequently in Britain, where people use it to make jam.

3. Dangyuja

Dangyuja is a type of citrus that comes from Korea. Most people use it to make tea, but it is sometimes found in soups, too.

4. Date


Tons of people are familiar with dates, a sweet and healthy fruit filled with potassium. You can even use dates to make a kind of cake called date nut bread.

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5. Davidson’s Plum

davidson's plum

There are actually three different trees that bear fruit called Davidson’s plums. Most are endangered species. They are sometimes used to make jam and wine.

6. Dekopon Fruit


The word “Dekopon” was originally a trademarked brand name, but now it’s used to name all kinds of a type of fruit. Dekopon fruits are shaped similarly to pears, only they have a skin texture and color like oranges. This fruit is hugely popular in Japan.

7. Desert Lime

Desert lime is native to Australia. You can find it in the bushland, where it is a common food. Its flavor is strongly citrus and similar to other types of lime.

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8. Desert Quandong

desert quandong

Like the desert lime, desert quandong is found throughout Australia. The fruit is often softened by stewing and then baked into pies.

9. Dewberry


Dewberries are similar in shape and color to blackberries. They frequently grow in the northern hemisphere, where people make jam and pie out of them.

10. Discovery Apple

discovery apple

Discovery apple has a slightly longer history, but it was introduced to the commercial fruit market in the 60’s. It was fairly popular in the UK in the 80’s, but has fallen by the wayside recently in favor of other apple varieties.

11. Dodder-Laurel

dodder laurel

Dodder-laurel’s other nickname is the “love vine,” because it has an ancient reputation for being an aphrodisiac. It produces a round and small green fruit.

12. Double Coconut

double coconut

The trees on which the double coconut grows get to be shockingly tall, with the tallest ever recorded being almost 200 feet in height. This means you have to go a long way to harvest the double-lobed fruit that it grows!

13. Dragonfruit

dragonfruits cut open

With its flaming red color and green spines, it’s immediately apparent how the dragonfruit got its name. It grows in Asia, Florida, Australia, and some Caribbean countries.

14. Duku Fruit

duku fruit

The Duku fruit is part of the Mahogany family. You can eat it raw or turn it into syrup. In the Philippines, some people even use the skin as a natural way to repel mosquitos.

15. Durian

durians cut open

Durian is well-known for its incredibly pungent odor. Some people find the smell pleasantly sweet, while others think it’s overwhelmingly unappealing.

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Fruits that Start with D