What are the Juiciest Limes?

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What are the Juiciest Limes?

Limes are perfect for giving a zesty and exotic twist to a huge range of drinks and foods. If you’re looking to brighten up a dish, limes are more likely than not the perfect way to do it.

But when you say “lime,” you’re being broader than you might expect. There are various types of limes, and some are juicier than others.

In this article, our goal is show you what are the juiciest limes, so you know which ones to use when you’re in need of something refreshing.

Quick Answer: What are the Juiciest Limes?

The juiciest limes are typically the most popular ones. Tahitian limes are known for their juicy flesh, which makes them highly desirable.

Finger limes are also very juicy, but their juice is quite sour. Some may find this preferable, but if you’re searching for something that won’t make your face pucker up, Tahitian limes are the way to go.

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Common Lime Varieties and Uses

Tahitian limes aren’t the only ones available. There are quite a few lime types, and they all have their own unique flavors and culinary uses. We’ll go over a couple common lime varieties.

Mexican limes (also called key limes) are known for their acidic flavor. This makes them popular in cocktails and cooking.

If you were to go to a local grocery store and look at the limes, you’d probably see Persian limes. They’re beloved for a flavor which is less acidic than other lime varieties. Like Tahitian limes, Persian limes are great for drinks because of their taste.

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Kaffir limes are small, green, and have an extremely bumpy skin. They have a very tart taste, which makes them unsuitable for using in cooking. Although their flesh is juiceless and too tart, many dishes use the peel.

Rangpur limes are a mix of citron fruits and Mandarin oranges, so they’re technically not limes. They outwardly look like an orange, but they have a lime-like taste. Typically, Rangpur limes are used in marmalade.

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How to Tell if a Lime is Juicier (Without Slicing It)

"The heavier the lime is, the more likely it is to be juicy."

It might seem like the only way to tell if a lime is going to be juicy is to cut it open and squeeze the juice out. The problem is, this isn’t possible at a store before you’ve purchased the lime.

Fortunately, you can tell a lime is juicy with nothing more than a touch. Simply pick up the lime and weigh it in your hand.

The heavier the lime is, the more likely it is to be juicy. If you’re not sure whether or not a lime is heavy, compare it to the weight of other limes by weighing others with your hands.

You’ll also want to choose a ripe lime. You can determine this with a gentle squeeze. A juicy and ripe lime will be firm, but give very slightly when you squeeze it.

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Wrap Up

Juicy limes are great for cooking or making drinks. Try the limes we mentioned, and you’ll be sure to find more juice than you may be used to.

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You can also find the juiciest limes by testing them in the store prior to purchase. Giving them a light press and weighing them in your hands will reveal which limes have a greater amount of juice.

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