Can You Microwave Chipotle Bowls? (What You Need to Know…)

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Can you microwave Chipotle bowls

Quick Answer: It’s probably safest to reheat the rest of your Chipotle bowl in a microwave-safe container. There are different view points on this, but we’ll explain ours below.

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What Is a Chipotle Bowl?

The bowl option at Chipotle is a popular choice for those who love the burritos but don’t want the tortilla.It’s a burrito bowl built with rice, beans, veggies and other ingredients and served in a disposable bowl.

When a Chipotle bowl is too big to finish, it’s common to store it in the fridge for a snack or quick meal later.However, how to reheat it becomes the question.

Can you just throw the whole thing, bowl and all, in the microwave?We need to know what the bowl is made out of to find out.

In the company’s 2018 Sustainability Report, Chipotle announced that100 percent of the bowls came from compostable plant materials.

While this is great for the environment, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the bowls are microwavable.Not all plant fibers and container designs can be safely microwaved. There could be issues with flammability, for one thing. 

Some argue that it’s safe to microwave Chipotle bowls (without the aluminum lid—putting metal objects in the microwave can lead to fires).Others suggest using a microwave-safe container instead.

We like to err on the side of caution and use containers we know for sure are microwave-safe.We’ll leave it up to you to decide.

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Different Types of Chipotle Containers

Some containers incorporate plastic, such as plastic salsa and condiment cups. Others contain metals, such as the burrito bowl lids and aluminum foil Chipotle wraps burritos in.

So can you microwave any of these containers?Probably not, not unless Chipotle provides a guarantee. 

It’s unwise to microwave plastic condiment containers or any type of plastic that doesn’t come with specific information about its microwavability.It can lead to melting, which can release chemicals and damage your microwave.

As for the aluminum foil, while you actually can microwave aluminum foil under certain conditions, you shouldn’t microwave reused aluminum foil.The crinkling of the material can create sparks and start a fire.

The bottom line is that you probably shouldn’t reheat your Chipotle leftovers in anything but a container that has been confirmed as microwave-safe.

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How Do You Know If a Chipotle Container Is Microwave Safe or Not?

The best way to find out if a Chipotle bowl, or any other bowl for that matter, is microwavable is to check on the product for a verification statement.

If there is nothing written on the container about microwavability, look to getting answers from the company next.Chipotle should be able to tell you about safe handling of its products directly via email.

Otherwise, assuming that Chipotle containers are not meant for the microwave (or for heating up in general) is the safest option.

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Labels on Chipotle Containers to Be Aware Of

The label most likely to appear on a microwavable product is “microwave safe.” This can often be found stamped on the bottom.

Alternatively, there are labels that show that items are not meant for the microwave, which also provide conclusive information.

Sometimes, however, companies will choose to offer the information on their websites instead of printing it on their products.

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