Can the Nutribullet Grind Coffee Beans? (Tested w/ Photos)

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Wondering if the Nutribullet can grind coffee beans?

Can the Nutribullet Grind Coffee Beans

I tested it two ways, attempting both a coarse and a fine grind.Watch thevideo beloworkeep readingfor the test results and pictures.

Can the Nutribullet Grind Coffee Beans?

The Nutribullet does a great job at grinding coffee beans, especially if you want a fine grind.

If you want a coarse grind, it can be difficult to do get every bean exactly the same, but it was definitely good enough for me to throw into a french press.

Here’s how I tested it…

I took the Nutribullet Pro 900, which is thebest Nutribullet in my opinion,and loaded it about 3/4 full with coffee beans.

I pulsed the Nutribullet by pushing it down around 5-7 times.

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course coffee grind from nutribullet

As you can see, the results were good, but I couldn’t quite get all the beans to be uniformly coarse.

That’s okay, it’s still perfectly usable.

Next, I decided to blend it all the way to a fine grind to see if it can do it.

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nutribullet finely ground coffee

For a fine grind, the Nutribullet did the perfect job.

There was one or two whole course pieces left, but not a big deal.

I used these coffee beans for drip coffee over the next few days and it was delicious!

In conclusion, I think the Nutribullet does a great job at grinding coffee for the amateur coffee drinker.

But, if you need to very specifically control the coarseness of the beans, I would get something specifically designed for the task.

Which Nutribullet Cup Should You Use?

For this task, I think that the smaller cups give you a wider range of control.

With a bigger Nutribullet cup, I find that getting things 100% uniform is even harder. This is because the beans on the top of the cup have to make it all the way to the bottom and vice versa. It’s much easier to work with smaller amounts of coffee beans.

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You can do so much besides grinding coffee on a Nutribullets but if you’re also looking for a blender than can handle grinding up Indian spices, check out our list for the best blender for Indian cooking.

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