How to Clean the Bottom of a Blender (3 Easy Ways)

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One of the most annoying things about using a blender is that food can get stuck at the bottom, beneath the blades.If you’ve never experienced this before, it can be a real pain to clean if you don’t know how.

But not to worry, here is 3 different ways to clean a blender and get to the bottom underneath the blades.

1.Take Off the Blades

bottom of blender blades to be removed

Many blenders have blades that you can actually unscrew and take off.Of course, you’ll have to have a look at your instruction manual, but it’s pretty easy to do on most models.

The simple way to check is to turn your blender over and look underneath.Do you see anything that looks easy to take off?If so, you should be above to remove the blades and go in with a sponge to remove any excess debris that you couldn’t reach before.

In the image above, it’s easy to remove the blades of this Vitamix by twisting the rubberized bottom part to the left.

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2.Soak and Blend

Perhaps the easiest way to clean the bottom of your blender is to let the jar soak with warm water and soap.

soaking blender with dish soap

Soak it for long enough for the leftover ingredients to get soft and easy to remove.

Then, stick the blender on the base let it run for 30 seconds to a minute.If the blender has a cleaning cycle, then you can run that following the instructions that came with your machine.

Be sure to not fill up the jar all the way when you do this method.Only fill it to about 1/2 or 1/4 full.Things can get rather sudsy and if you overfill the jar, you may be in for a mess.

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running a blender cleaning cycle

3.Spray With Pressured Water

spraying blender with pressurized kitchen hose

If you have a pressurized hose attached to your sink, you can use the water pressure to spray around the blades.This could potentially be enough to knock up the food underneath the blades so that you can just wash it as normal.

Feel free to combine with the previous step of soaking and blending.Once soaked with dish soap, everything will be easier to remove.

Bonus Tip: Rinse Right After Blending

It’s a lot easier to clean the bottom of your blender if you don’t let it harden in the first place.The best way to do this is torinse your blender right after you use it. Do this, and it’s virtually impossible for ingredients to get stuck at the bottom of your blender.

Happy blending!

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