Jackfruit Size & Weight: How Big is a Jackfruit and How Much Does it Weigh?

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jackfruit size and weight

If you’ve ever wandered around a Caribbean or Asian produce market, you’ve probably seen some fascinating fruits. Some examples are massive specimens like durians and jackfruits. But have you ever asked yourself “how much does a jackfruit weigh?”? Let’s take a closer look at these beauties and find out.

How Much Does an Average Jackfruit Weigh?

Jackfruits are the largest tree-borne fruits on the entire planet. In fact, one single tree can produce upwards of three tons of fruit in a year. That’s an incredible amount of food!

In Pounds

The average jackfruit weighs between 15 and 20 pounds. Smaller ones can be closer to 10 pounds, while those on the larger size can be 25–30 pounds. That said, jackfruits have been known to weigh well over 50 pounds, so you might want to take a wheelbarrow with you when you’re out shopping.

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In Kilograms

The general rule for getting a kg measurement from a pound is to divide by two and then subtract 1/10. In this case, an average 15–20 pound jackfruit would weigh 6.8 to 9 kg.

In Grams

Since a kg is 1000 grams, you just need to add some extra zeroes to the above weight. As a result, the average jackfruit will weigh between 6803 and 9007 grams.

What’s the Maximum Weight of a Jackfruit?

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, India holds the record for largest/heaviest jackfruit ever grown. It was 22.5 inches long (that’s 57.15 cm), had a circumference of 52″ (132.08cm), and weighed 94.18 pounds (that’s 42.72 kilograms).

How Big is an Average Jackfruit?

On average, a jackfruit that weighs 15 to 20 pounds will be around 35 inches (90cm) in length and have an approximate 20-inch (50 cm) diameter. Imagine how many people you could feed with that!

Considering jackfruit’s size and nutrient density, it’s an ideal crop to help sustain the planet. With every jackfruit tree producing so much food every year, this species could do wonders for helping to combat hunger and food insecurity.

The next time someone asks, “how much does a jackfruit weigh?” you’ll be able to answer them with confidence. Then, you can share your favorite BBQ jackfruit recipe with them too.