What Does BBQ Jackfruit Taste Like?

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What Does BBQ Jackfruit Taste Like

Despite its intimidating spike-studded appearance, jackfruit is becoming an increasingly popular meat substitute. There are many who say it can be used as a vegan replacement for pork in a barbecue. Is that really true?

We’re going to dig into that question and get to the bottom of that mystery here. We’ll tell you what bbq jackfruit tastes like, and if it’s something you should incorporate into your next grilling session.

What Does BBQ Jackfruit Taste Like?

How your bbq jackfruit will taste will hinge upon exactly how you prepare it – particularly, the sauce. There are some [amazon fields="B01MSDOOF7" value="link" title="premade versions"] you can buy, too, if you want to skip the cooking and get right to the eating.

What you can expect in general, though, is a smoky, sweet, and tangy flavor, typically coming from the barbecue sauce. Underlying the quintessential barbecue taste, you’ll pick up traces of tartness coming from the jackfruit itself.

When it comes to texture, the jackfruit does a surprisingly good job of looking like meat, as it will easily shred beneath your fork. Your non-vegan friends might not even be able to tell the difference at a glance. As you chew, though, you’ll notice bbq jackfruit has a crunchier feel more akin to vegetable.

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What Does Jackfruit Taste Like and How Do You Eat It?

Interested in eating fresh jackfruit without the bbq sauce? Fortunately, fresh jackfruit has an appealing tropical and sweet flavor which is rounded out with a bit of sourness.

So how do you eat this spiny fruit? Well, you can eat it ripe or even unripe. If you choose to eat it before it’s ripened, however, be prepared for a marked increase in the aforementioned sourness.

Unripened jackfruit is best as a meat substitute because it’s not as sweet as fully ripened jackfruit. Fully ripened jackfruit, on the other hand, is much better for snacking or as a dessert.

If you’re not sure where to get it, here is where to buy jackfruit.

Why is Jackfruit Bad for Humans?

Like with other foods, you might find some people saying jackfruit is bad for you if you do some online research about it. This might leave you wondering if you should avoid the fruit.

We have good news for you: we weren’t able to find any scientific evidence to suggest that jackfruit isn’t suitable for human consumption. That being said, there are a couple reasons why you might need to avoid eating it if you fall into certain categories.

There are some who are allergic to jackfruit, and those people obviously need to avoid eating it. Diabetics may also want to be careful with it because it can lower blood sugar.

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Wrap Up

It’s amazing how creative you can get with your fruits, and bbq jackfruit is certainly a testament to that creativity. If you have some unripe jackfruit on your hands, try making some bbq jackfruit yourself. You’ll be amazed at how indulgent it tastes.