Where to Buy Meyer Lemons (and Which Grocery Store Aisle They’re in)

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Where to Buy Meyer Lemons

Many people love the punch of sourness you can get from a lemon. However, if you’re someone with a more delicate palate, you may prefer something milder or sweeter than what most people anticipate when it comes to lemons.

If that sounds like you, Meyer lemons are one of the best types out there. These small round lemons are famous for their sweet, almost floral flavor and aromatic rinds. We’ll show you where to buy Meyer lemons, and we’ll also answer questions people often have about buying them.

Want to buy them from the comfort of your own home? You can click on the links in the table below to order lemons online.

Product Name Good For
Melissa’s Meyer Lemons If You want Bulk
Kejora Fresh Meyer Lemons If You Want Budget-Friendly
Stash Meyer Lemon Herbal Tea If You Want Your Lemons as an Easy Pick-Me-Up


1. Walmart

With Walmarts being everywhere these days, it’s easy to visit one on your search for Meyer lemons. You can usually buy lemons like these by the pound at your local Walmart.

2. Kroger

Like Walmart, Kroger often has a range of amounts to purchase your Meyer lemons in. You’ll likely be able to purchase them by the pound in bags, such as with these Private Selection California-grown Meyer lemons.

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3. Albertsons

If you happen to live near an Albertsons, they probably have some Meyer lemons in-store, too. You may be able to find Signature Farms Meyer lemons on their shelves.

4. Whole Foods

Whole Foods is a great place to shop when you’re looking for produce. They may have Meyer lemons in bags or Meyer lemons by the pound for you to purchase.

5. Hy-Vee

Got a Hy-Vee nearby? Then you should swing by since they have a few different brands of Meyer lemons to purchase. You can get Melissa’s Meyer lemons or Sunkist Meyer lemons there.

6. Safeway

You can also drop in at Safeway if that’s one of your local grocery stores. They may have these Signature Farms Meyer lemons in stock for you to snag.

Do you need lemon juice and not necessarily a whole lemon? Check out our guide on where lemon juice is in the grocery store, so you’ll know exactly where to go the moment you enter the store.

7. HEB

If your town has an HEB in it, you’ll be pleased to know that they’ve got a couple of varieties of Meyer lemons available. You can get fresh organic Meyer lemons and Texas Valley Meyer lemons.

8. Amazon

Can’t find Meyer lemons locally? Don’t give up – you may still be able to order them online. We found a couple of different sellers on Amazon, such as these Melissa’s Meyer Lemons and these Kejora Fresh Meyer Lemons.


Once you arrive at the store, head over to the fresh produce section, your lemons should be there.

Unlike some other types of produce, lemons aren’t necessarily kept on the shelves with refrigeration and moisturizing sprinklers. They’re often in the middle of the produce section on tables or shelves because they don’t require frequent watering once harvested to stay fresh for a little while.


When should I buy Meyer lemons?

As you’ve seen from this article, there are quite a few different places you can stop at to get your Meyer lemon fix. Many grocery stores will have them in stock.

However, the absolute best place to get your lemons would be from something like a farmer’s market. Live in an area where Meyer lemons naturally grow (in warm tropical regions like Florida), and they’re in season. You can get the freshest possible lemons while simultaneously supporting a local business.

Are Meyer lemons available year-round?

The natural growing season for Meyer lemons is from the middle of winter to the end of the spring. This is the best time possible to get Meyer lemons, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get them year-round. In fact, at the time of writing this article, they were technically out-of-season, yet we could still find them on sale.

That being said, your lemons will probably be a bit more expensive if you choose to purchase them out-of-season. They may also be slightly harder to find. So, if you want a good deal, it’s best to wait for them to come back into season.

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What are Meyer lemons best used for?

The flavor of a Meyer lemon is quite different from other lemons. It’s sweeter and milder, which means if you know someone who normally doesn’t like lemons, they may not mind these ones.

Their naturally sweet taste makes Meyer lemons fantastic in desserts. You can make lemon bars, cookies, and cakes out of them.

Aside from desserts, Meyer lemons make lovely beverages. Squeeze them and use the juice in your cocktails or make a refreshing pitcher of lemonade.


Think all lemons are the same? You couldn’t be more wrong when it comes to Meyer lemons, a bright and zesty lemon variety that tastes like a treat. We strongly recommend trying them if you have a sweet tooth and want to satisfy it in a healthier way.

That’s why we say when life gives you lemons…hope they’re Meyers!