Why are Key Limes Called Key?

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Why are Key Limes called Key?

Names matter. On top of helping us distinguish what something is, they often have far-reaching roots that tell a story about the object in question.

This is true for everything – even foods. Because of this, it’s perfectly natural to wonder how our foods got their names.

We’ll be looking at why key limes are called key here. Beyond that, we’ll be describing key limes in more detail, so you have a better understanding of where this fruit comes from and how to use it.

Quick Answer: Why are Key Limes Called Key?

While many other names have a long and complicated story behind them, key limes are fairly simple. They’re named after the Florida Keys because they’re frequently grown there and because of their use in the famous Key lime pie.

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What Do Key Limes Taste Like?

Key limes are different from many other types. You’ve likely come to expect sourness when you eat a lime, but that doesn’t completely prepare you for Key limes.

They have an intensity all their own. They’re incredibly tart, even when compared with other lime types, such as Persian limes.

This is the reason why Key limes are commonly used in drinks and desserts. Putting its tartness alongside something sweet helps make the flavor easier to handle.

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How Can You Use Key Lime?

Key lime can be used similarly to how you would use other limes. Just keep in mind that, since its juice is much more potent, you’ll probably want to put it in a sweeter dish.

Cocktails are another great way to make use of key limes. Their tartness will be disguised somewhat by the taste of the alcohol you choose.

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However, if you’re not sure where to begin, we say go back to the classics. Try making a delicious vegan Key lime pie.

We’ve even found a recipe for you. Click the thumbnail below to see a demonstration of how to make an indulgent vegan Key lime pie that will satisfy all your lime cravings.

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Wrap Up

One thing we’ve discovered as we’ve researched different fruits and veggies is how interesting they are. There’s a surprising amount of history behind every single food you put on your table, and it’s almost always a pleasure to dig into.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little bit more about the reason behind the name for Key limes. If you’re interested in learning more about limes, take a look at this guide to the juiciest limes.

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