Does Arugula Grow Underground?

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Does Arugula Grow Underground

In recent years, arugula has become a culinary sensation. Because of its peppery taste, it’s a popular addition to salads.

Salads are far from the only place you’ll find this plant in the dining room, though. It also appears on some pizzas, in many pasta dishes, and in soups.

In some countries, the seeds are used to make taramira oil, which is used for cooking. Basically, arugula appears everywhere.

It’s only natural to want to learn more about this useful and delicious plant. You might be wondering a little about its growing conditions.

Keep reading this post, and we’ll tell you about if arugula grows underground, and how you can grow some yourself.

Quick Answer: Does Arugula Grow Underground?

No. Just like many other plants in your garden, arugula seeds are planted in the soil, but the leaves grow up out of it.

How to Grow Your Own Arugula

Looking for an interesting way to spice up your salads? Arugula is the perfect solution. It has a tart and peppery flavor that people all over the world love to add to their healthy creations.

But how do you grow it, and what kinds of conditions does it need?

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Arugula loves sunny or partially shady spots, and you can start growing it as soon as the soil thaws. Put the seeds about a quarter of an inch into the soil, leaving at least 10 inches of space between rows.

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With the seeds in place, be sure that the soil is kept moist. Water frequently, because arugula’s shallow roots can get dry rapidly.

You should see your arugula germinating within a few days, because this is a fast-growing plant. In fact, one type of arugula is called “rocket” for that reason. It’s as fast as a rocket, so if you make a mistake growing one batch, you can easily grow another in little time at all.

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How Do You Know When the Arugula is Ready?

"Arugula isn’t a plant you need to wait long to eat."

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Arugula isn’t a plant you need to wait long to eat. In fact, younger leaves often taste better than older ones.

You can pick the leaves as soon as they are anywhere from two to three inches in length. To harvest them, simply pull out the whole arugula plant or you can trim off specific leaves.

Arugula plants also grow flowers, which are safe to eat.

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Wrap Up

If you’ve grown bored of homemade salads, arugula is the perfect way to make them fun again. It has a unique and peppery taste that gives your greens a little bite.

Best of all, arugula is easy to grow, and it grows quickly. After planting the seeds, you can expect them to germinate within just a few days. This makes arugula a beginner-friendly plant, because you can easily grow more in a short amount of time if you make a mistake.

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Don’t want to grow it? That’s all right – you can read about where to find arugula in grocery stores here.

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