Best Greenhouses for Michigan – Top 7 Options to Protect your Garden

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Best Greenhouses for Michigan

The northernmost contiguous states in the US can be uniquely difficult to garden in. With humidity, storms, and pests during the summer, even the warm months can be hard on a plant.

But the winter has its own set of problems. Harsh winds, frigid temperatures, and high amounts of snow all add to inhospitable conditions for most plants. Without a structure like a greenhouse, gardening in the winter in weather like this isn’t possible.

But how do you know which are the best greenhouses for Michigan? Our goal in this guide is to answer that question and a little extra.

Not only will we show you our picks, but we’ll tell you what you should look for in each greenhouse so you understand how we chose the ones here.

Quick Summary

Product Name Grade
Rion Grand Gardener B
Palram Hybrid Lean Greenhouse B+
Mt. Hood Greenhouse A+
Palram Mythos Greenhouse A
Palram Hybrid Greenhouse A
Zenport Cold-Frame Greenhouse B+
Riga Greenhouse A+

Best Greenhouses for Michigan

Rion Grand Gardener

Rion Grand Gardener 2 Clear Greenhouse, 8' x 16'

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This dazzling greenhouse is perfect for those who need a lot of room for their garden. Its long tunnel shape gives you as much room as you need, with a few sizes available for order today.

You can also choose to get it in either a twin-walled or clear panel format. The twin-walled polycarbonate panels would be especially good for insulating and warming the greenhouse.

Its frame is made from a sturdy resin. It’s built to help insulate the inside of the greenhouse even further. This is ideal for either hot or cold conditions because it stabilizes the temperature within.


  • It comes in several different configurations, with various sizes and panel types.
  • It has an easy lock and pin system when it comes to setup.
  • The resin frame is both durable and good at insulating the inside of the structure.
  • A rounded shape allows you plenty of space to stand inside.


  • Some customers said that it took a long time to put together.

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Palram Hybrid Lean Greenhouse

Palram HG5548 Hybrid Lean-to Greenhouse, 4' x 8', Silver

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We love the Palram Hybrid Lean Greenhouse because it combines compact size and convenient features. You truly are getting the best of both worlds with this one.

That’s because, as its name says, it’s built to lean on another building. You could put it on the side of your house, for example, if you want to be able to get to it in seconds.

Like the other Hybrid greenhouse on this list, it has rain gutters. Aside from preventing water from splashing around the base, it allows you to collect the rainwater and use it later.


  • You can lean it up against another building for increased stability.
  • The twin-walled panels block UV rays to prevent your plants from being fried.
  • The aluminum frame is resistant to heat.
  • A vent in the roof lets you cool down the inside when it gets too hot.


  • There are some reports of difficulty with the assembly.

Mt. Hood Greenhouse

Mt. Hood Greenhouse


Maybe the best thing about the Mt. Hood Greenhouse is how enduring it is. Its tough frame can handle hurricane-strength winds up to 100 miles per hour. That means it will be able to shrug off a windy blizzard without a problem.

It efficiently uses sunlight. The angle of the panels on the roof makes it possible to draw in light even during the winter when the sun is lower in the sky for longer periods.

The material the panels are made from contributes to this heat efficiency. With polycarbonate glazing, they’re fantastic at diffusing sunlight, and they insulate the inside, holding on to much-needed heat.


  • Great insulation.
  • Reliable enough to endure strong winds.
  • The frame is made from completely natural redwood.
  • An organic plastic base is resistant to pests and mildew.
  • Efficiently captures as much sunlight as possible, even during the winter.


  • The setup instructions can be a little confusing.

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Palram Mythos Greenhouse

Mythos 6'1" W x 8'1" D Greenhouse


With a name like Mythos, you might assume that the quality of this greenhouse must be almost mythical. And when it comes to this greenhouse, that’s a fairly accurate assumption to make.

Its panels are twin-walled, which is perfect for insulation. When a greenhouse is insulated well, the internal temperature is protected from outside elements. This is important whether you’re trying to keep it warm or cool because it prevents air from escaping or entering.

At the top, there’s a roof vent that you can use on hot summer days. Hot air can escape out the top by popping it open, protecting your plants from dangerously high temperatures.


  • Twin-walled polycarbonate panels help stabilize the temperature inside.
  • A vent in the top allows you to cool down the inside when it’s too hot.
  • You can install a lock in the door handle for added security.
  • The galvanized steel base can be screwed into a foundation to make it permanent.


  • Some owners felt that the assembly was difficult, while others did not have this issue.

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Palram Hybrid Greenhouse

Palram Hyrbid Greenhouse


Droughts may not be as big a problem in Michigan as in other states, but we still love how this greenhouse has a water-conscious design. Rain gutters lining the top allow gardeners to catch rainwater and store it.

Water isn’t the only aspect where this greenhouse is designed efficiently. Its assembly was created to be simple, so you won’t need a whole team of people to put it together. Furthermore, it doesn’t require you to have a whole toolbox of sophisticated tools to set it up.

That’s because of its slide and lock design. The panels on the outside were designed to slide into the frame, then locking in place for stability.


  • An easy slide and lock assembly.
  • Rain gutters help you catch rainwater to use in your garden later.
  • Each square foot of roof can hold up to 15.4 pounds of snow.
  • A vent in the top can release hot air whenever necessary.
  • The peaked roof gives you room to stand up tall.


  • Assembly can take a large amount of time.

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Zenport Cold-Frame Greenhouse

Zenport Cold Frame Greenhouse


If you’re a little low on space, you’ll probably want something like this Zenport Cold-Frame Greenhouse. It’s 3.5 feet wide and 3.5 feet deep, making it the most compact option in this post. You could comfortably squeeze it onto a deck, patio, or balcony.

However, it has traits that you see in larger high-end greenhouses. The panels on the outside are made from polycarbonate, which is commonly used because of its famous durability.

When you need to beat the heat, you can open the two panels on the roof to vent the inside. While they’re closed, they’re clear enough to admit plenty of sunlight to keep your plants happy.

It even comes with stakes that you can use to secure it to wherever you put it.


  • The compact size means you won’t need to struggle to find a place to put this greenhouse.
  • The clear panels let abundant sunlight filter in.
  • Sturdy enough to endure extreme weather conditions.
  • It can be staked to the ground or wherever you put it for extra stability.
  • It’s a pretty affordable option.


  • The small size means you can’t fit as many plants inside it.
  • Some customers noted that it was susceptible to wind and may require extra things to secure it, like screws.

Riga Greenhouse

Riga Greenhouse


If you’re looking for one of the best greenhouses money can buy, the Riga Greenhouse is a great choice. Everything about it was designed for rough weather conditions.

The bell shape is handy for more than a few reasons. For one thing, the wind can pass over it easily, which keeps it from blowing apart. And for another, the shape doesn’t let snow pile on top.

Furthermore, the vents on top are completely automatic. You don’t have to do anything to them. They’ll open by themselves when it gets too hot.


  • Snow can’t really pile up on top, but this strong structure can hold up to 180 pounds of it if it did.
  • It can resist winds up to 80 mph.
  • Automatic vents will open and close on their own as temperatures rise and fall.
  • It does not require any additional tools to assemble.


  • None reported currently.

What to Consider When Buying a Greenhouse for Michigan

Roof Weight Capacity

greenhouse in snow

There’s some variation in the amount of snowfall depending on which part of the state you’re in, but snow generally occurs all over Michigan. Due to this, you should have a greenhouse that’s built to hold up underneath piles of snow.

Many greenhouses will mention how much weight they can hold on their roofs. You can check the specifications for this information.

However, an alternative is to look at the overall shape of the frame. Like the Riga Greenhouse, a rounded shape doesn’t allow much (if any) snow to pile up on top.

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Although Michigan isn’t known for heat, summers can still get toasty. If you’re planning on using your greenhouse year-round, it needs to be possible to cool down in the hotter seasons.

Ventilation is the number one way to achieve this. One of the best designs is a roof or ridge vent because heat naturally rises. It can escape much more easily through the roof, although there’s nothing wrong with having wall vents, either.

Beyond ventilation, consider putting your greenhouse in a shady spot or even using a shade cloth if that’s not possible. You can find a good shade cloth here.


greenhouse preserve temperature

Well-designed insulating features will protect your plants from too much cold and too much heat. That’s because it works to preserve the temperature in the greenhouse.

Some greenhouses have frames that seal them up better. These will have excellent insulation against cold and heat as needed.

The panels can also contribute to insulation. Since it’s thicker, Twin-walled polycarbonate does a great job at holding in heat or cold. As an extra bonus, it’s also much more durable.

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Wind Resistance

In the southern parts of Michigan, tornadoes are possible at certain times of the year. Even if you don’t live in an area that’s prone to tornadoes, the overall state has an average of 30 thunderstorms a year, which can get pretty windy.

A greenhouse with a high wind resistance rating will make it, so you have much less to worry about. The higher the rating, the fiercer the wind it can withstand.

You can typically find this information in the specifications for each greenhouse. This is not always listed, though, and in that case, you can try checking what customers have said.

Wrap Up

It might not come as a surprise to you that we’re picking the Riga Greenhouse as our favorite. We have a bunch of reasons why we trust it so much.

To start with, it’s one of the toughest greenhouses on this list. It has a high wind rating of 80 mph, and it can support 180 pounds of snow at a time. That’s if snow even gathers on it at all – its unique bell shape tends to let the snow slide down the sides.

It’s also hard not to love the automatic vents on top. The fact that you don’t need to rush outside to vent your greenhouse in the summer is a massive benefit.