Do Greenhouses Need Airflow?

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Do Greenhouses Need Airflow?

In the great outdoors, one of the few things that helps plants grow is the wind. At first, it might seem kind of strange, especially when you think about how windstorms can actually really harm plant life.

But day-to-day breezes serve a lot of purposes. They carry pollen from plant to plant, and the fresh air provides plants with the carbon dioxide they need for photosynthesis.

All of this gets a little more difficult inside a greenhouse. When a greenhouse is sealed off from the outside, the air can get stale and still.

But do greenhouses need airflow, or is there a way to get around this requirement?

Keep reading, and we’ll discuss the role of ventilation in greenhouses.

Quick Answer: Do Greenhouses Need Airflow?

Absolutely! Airflow is critical to the growth and health of your garden. It helps pollinate your plants, it can prevent the invasion of fungus and pests, and it can reduce the temperature when it gets too hot.

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Here’s Why You Need Ventilation in Your Greenhouse

Simulating airflow in your greenhouse has a whole host of advantages. Some of the biggest ones are the following:

  • Temperature Control
  • Photosynthesis Assistance
  • It helps plants pollinate
  • It can prevent pests

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Temperature Control

"Just like your greenhouse can get too cold, it can also get too hot."

Just like your greenhouse can get too cold, it can also get too hot. Since greenhouses are created to retain heat, this makes sense – they’re extraordinarily efficient at doing their job.

The issue with this is that not all plants can endure temperatures above 85 degrees consistently. For that reason, battling the heat in summer months in a greenhouse is vital.

Airflow and ventilation can do a lot to help you lower the temperature. Vents and fans working together can remove the stale and hot air of your greenhouse, bringing in cooler air from outside.

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Photosynthesis Assistance

Carbon dioxide is one of the necessities of photosynthesis, which is the process your plants use to feed themselves. In fact, carbon dioxide and water are the specific things your plant makes food out of.

If your garden is sitting in a still atmosphere, with no air exchange, they’ll quickly use up all the available carbon dioxide. A few open vents, combined with a fan, can help ensure new air and carbon dioxide is being brought in.

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It Helps Plants Pollinate

Outside, plants can rely on wind to carry their pollen to other plants. This isn’t automatically true in your greenhouse.

Unless you provide some airflow, the air will otherwise sit still. This isn’t conducive to pollination, and your plants will suffer in such an environment.

With ventilation and airflow, you can emulate the outdoor winds that would help your plants pollinate.

It Can Prevent Pests

Imagine what happens when any atmosphere is hot, wet, and completely still. It’s ripe for the growth of bacteria, fungus, and harmful garden pests.

Airflow can reduce these risks. It encourages evaporation and keeps the inside of your greenhouse from staying too humid for too long.

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How Do You Get Airflow in Your Greenhouse?

When you consider how many things are needed to maintain a healthy, flourishing garden indoors, greenhouses can seem overly complex. Don’t let the idea intimidate you.

Ventilation and airflow aren’t hard to achieve. Most greenhouses will come with vents built right into the sides or roof.

Some greenhouses even take it up a notch by including automatic vents. Automatic vents will open completely on their own when the temperatures rise too much inside. That means you’ll never have to rush out to your greenhouse to make sure all the windows are open.

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Wrap Up

"Airflow is an essential part of plant growth."

Airflow is an essential part of plant growth. For that reason, you should do your best to make it a part of any greenhouse.

The good news is you don’t necessarily need to do much to achieve it. The vast majority of greenhouses come with vents and windows built into their design. If necessary, you can also always add fans to increase air circulation.