Best Greenhouses for Massachusetts – Top 7 Options

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Best Greenhouses for Massachusetts

As one of the most populous states in New England, you can bet Massachusetts has a lot of gardeners. But there are certain aspects of the environment that make it harder to garden there at particular times of the year.

Fierce nor’easter storms, blizzards, and high summer temperatures all occur within the average year. However, these conditions don’t mean that it’s impossible to grow something all year.

If you’re looking for the best greenhouses for Massachusetts, then you’ve stumbled across the right article. We’ve compiled a list of several wonderful options right here.

Best Greenhouses for Massachusetts

Riga Greenhouse

Riga Greenhouse

Whenever we discuss difficult environments, the Riga Greenhouse comes up. That’s because this is a perseverant greenhouse that you can rely on all year, regardless of what kind of weather there is.

During blustery winters, its tough frame will hold up against high winds and large amounts of snowfall. Because of its bell-like shape, snow will slip right off instead of piling on top.

And in the midst of a hot, humid summer, the automatic vents are a real boon to any gardener. You won’t need to rush outside to air out your garden every time it gets warm, because the vents will open on their own.


  • Includes shelving to hold your gardening tools or planters.
  • Snow will slide right off the roof instead of piling up.
  • Its frame is resistant to mildew, rot, and UV rays.
  • Vents on the roof will function automatically as the temperature increases.
  • Requires no additional tools for assembly.


  • No reported issues at this point in time.

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Mt. Hood Greenhouse

If you’re looking for a greenhouse that’s environmentally friendly, we’d recommend taking a look at the Mt. Hood Greenhouse. The frame supporting it is natural redwood, which is both heat-efficient and strong.

Beneath the frame, you’ll find an organic plastic base. The plastic comprising the frame has been recycled, contributing to how environmentally friendly it is.

In addition, the panels are made with a polycarbonate glazing. It’s excellent at drawing in sunlight, and could even cut down your heating costs if you choose to install a heater in the greenhouse.


  • One of the most environmentally friendly greenhouses on this list.
  • Incredibly durable.
  • A roof vent and back wall vent combine to make a natural cross-breeze when both are opened.
  • You don’t need a lot of tools to assemble it.


  • There are some reports of the instructions being difficult to understand.

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Tent-style greenhouses like the Best Choice Products Walk-In Greenhouse can be some of the easiest to set up on the market. Once you’ve built the frame, all that’s left is to put the cover over and stake the structure down securely.

But beyond assembly, this is a nice, dependable greenhouse. The cover is double-threaded plastic, while the frame is made out of powder-coated steel. This makes the frame resistant to rust, and the cover resistant to all kinds of weather conditions.

Another great thing about the design of this greenhouse is how there are windows on the sides across from each other. If you open them, they’ll be able to generate a cross-breeze because of how they sit on opposite sides.


  • Tough plastic cover.
  • The frame is powder-coated steel, which is resistant to rusting.
  • Its tunnel shape gives plenty of space for your head.
  • Windows on opposite sides can create a cross-breeze once opened.


  • You’ll need to make sure you stake it securely to prevent the winds from blowing it away.
  • Some owners stated that the instructions are not very helpful.

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Colonial Gable Greenhouse

Beauty and functionality are well-blended in the Colonial Gable Hobby Greenhouse. You might not expect something so stunning to be one of the hardiest greenhouses in our guide, but it is.

Capable of enduring winds up to 95 mph, this greenhouse has the second highest wind rating on this list. It would have no problem staying in place even in the midst of an intense blizzard.

The windows on its sides are made from safety glass to add to its durability. Each one has screens on it, so if you were to open all of them, pests wouldn’t get inside.

There are also heavy-duty shelves lining the walls inside. Above them, there are rods to hold hanging planters.


  • Quaint colonial style.
  • High wind resistance.
  • The windows are made from long-lived safety glass.
  • Screens on each window prevent bugs from getting in.
  • Has beautiful wooden shelves to hold our planters.


  • The white paint you see in the pictures is not included.

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When what you want is something regal and tough, you’ll be drawn to the Exaco Royal Victorian Greenhouse. With nothing more than a look, you can see that it’s different from just about any other greenhouse you’ve seen before.

Perhaps one of the greatest things about it, though, is the misting system. It has a watering system built right into it, and all you need is a hose so you can hook it up to a faucet.

We also love the sliding glass door on the front. It’s not every day you come across a greenhouse with that kind of grand entrance.


  • It has an integrated misting system.
  • The sliding glass door makes for an intriguing entrance.
  • Memorable Victorian design.
  • The vents in the roof open automatically.
  • Seals around each window help insulate the inside.


  • No noted issues at this point in time.

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Don’t have much room to spare? That’s no problem for GoSunny’s Deluxe Greenhouse. This greenhouse could easily fit on a deck, balcony, or patio.

It’s strong enough for all kinds of weather types, too. The PVC cover is waterproof, UV-resistant, and cold-resistant.

Because of its design, it’s also fairly simple to assemble. You can even take it down easily if you’ve decided you would like to move it or store it for a period of time.


  • Durable metal frame.
  • The PVC cover is resistant to a range of weather conditions.
  • Has roll-up windows on the sides for ventilation.
  • Easy and quick to set up.


  • Some customers reported that it wasn’t suitable for the dead of winter, but can be used to extend a growing season instead.

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Palram Plant Inn Mini Greenhouse

Palram’s Plant Inn is another greenhouse that’s ideal for those who don’t have much space. As a mini-greenhouse, it doesn’t need nearly as much room as many of the other options on this list.

One thing that’s especially neat is the storage that’s built into it. On the bottom, there is a panel that can be opened, revealing a hollow base that you can use as a storage compartment.

The doors on top smoothly swing up, granting you access to your garden. They can also be adjusted to form small vents when it’s getting too warm.

There are even little hooks at the top that can support vines. It’s clear that the Plant Inn was very appropriately named.


  • Doesn’t take up a lot of room.
  • There are hooks at the top of the dome to hold vines.
  • The bottom opens for storage.
  • There’s built-in drainage in the base.
  • Adjustable doors on top allow you to prop them open for ventilation.
  • Can hold up to 15.4 pounds of snow.


  • Some customers reported that it comes in too many parts, which can make assembly tricky.

What to Consider when Choosing a Greenhouse for Massachusetts


In a setting like Massachusetts, which is prone to storms all year, toughness is vital in any prospective greenhouse. That means you’ll want long-lasting panels and frames.

Polycarbonate is typical for panels, because it’s virtually unbreakable. It can endure all types of weather and impacts. Glass can be more fragile, but if it’s tempered, it can also be strong like polycarbonate.

Plastic materials are the norm when you look at greenhouses that are designed like tents. These materials are lightweight and strong, but can be vulnerable to high winds, which can blow them away if the greenhouse is not secured properly.


Not everyone has an expansive yard to install a greenhouse in. Those living in apartments, duplexes, or small homes might not have a lot of room to work with. If that sounds like you, no need to worry – that doesn’t mean you can’t have a greenhouse of your own.

There are tons of compact greenhouses out there. You’ll almost always find the dimensions for each greenhouse on the product page, which will give you an exact measurement. Once you know how big the greenhouse is, you can scope out and measure any potential spots for it in your home.

This will guarantee that the greenhouse you get fits right in.


A greenhouse can be so much more than a warm building for your plants. With so many designs out there, you can certainly look out for any additional features that would be nice to have in your situation.

For instance, built-in storage is a possibility. Many greenhouses have shelves, rods, or compartments in them.

Automatic vents are another great feature. They can save you some time, because they’ll open on their own once it gets hot enough outside.


A greenhouse can be an exquisite addition to your property. With so many options available to you today, it’s not unreasonable to think about whether or not there’s a certain aesthetic you like.

Some greenhouses even resemble small houses. The bottom line is, no matter what your preferences are in size, shape, and color, there is a greenhouse that can fit your ideals.

Wrap Up

If we had to pick one greenhouse from this list for a gardener in Massachusetts, our vote would go to the Colonial Gable Hobby Greenhouse. We feel that it brings together beauty and stability in one tough package.

Its high wind resistance could be critical when the state is being crushed beneath a blizzard or powerful tropical storm. Furthermore, its shelving can hold a bunch of containers, and its rods can hold your hanging baskets.

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