How Many Grape Leaves are in a Jar?

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How Many Grape Leaves are in a Jar

Grape leaves can be used in many recipes, but perhaps they’re most famous for being rolled and stuffed with delicious spices and veggies. But if the average canned stuffed grape leaves don’t appeal to you, you may be looking to make your own.

In that case, you’ll need to buy your grape leaves. As you look at each jar, though, you might be wondering how many grape leaves are in a jar, so you can plan out how many servings your recipe will make.

That’s a great question. We’ll tell you how many grape leaves are in the average jar, as well as how long they last and how to remove them.

How Many Grape Leaves are in a Jar?

The number of leaves in a jar depends on the size of the jar you’re buying and the brand. For example, this Taza 32 Oz jar has approximately 90 leaves inside it.

On the other hand, this Orlando California Grape Leaves jar has around 85 servings that are one leaf apiece, despite only being 16 oz.

On average, it appears as if the number of grape leaves in a jar can range anywhere from 50 – 90 leaves, depending on the size of the jar and how tightly the brand packs leaves into it. You can check the number of leaves in a jar by glancing at the nutrition facts.

How Do you Get Grape Leaves Out of a Jar?

Pulling grape leaves out of the jar can be tricky. They’re packed in a briny liquid, so they’re slippery.

With a little bit of strategy, though, you can simplify it. Once you’ve got the jar open, tilt it very gradually so some of the brine trickles out.

As leaves slide towards the top of the jar in the brine, scoop the bundles out with your finger. This will allow you to pull them out without ripping them, which could potentially happen if you used some utensils.

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How Long do Jarred Grape Leaves Last?

Your grape leaves don’t need to be refrigerated before you open them. Unopened, they can last for several months.

Once you pop open the jar, though, you’ll need to start keeping them in your fridge. At that point, they may only last you for a couple of months.

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If you’re not sure whether or not your grape leaves have gone bad, open the jar and sniff them. You’ll be able to tell from their odor if they’re still viable. They may also start to get moldy – a clear indication that they’re no longer good for eating.

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Wrap Up

Stuffed grape leaves make for a fun and delicious snack. If you decide to make some of your own, now you’ll know how long the jar will last you both before and after opening it.

Ready to buy some grape leaves? Read our guide on where to find grape leaves in the grocery store.

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