What is the Best Type of Tofu for Grilling?

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grilled tofu on a plate

Quick Answer: Without a doubt the best type of tofu for grilling is going to be firm or extra firm. By picking one of these, it’s less likely that your tofu will fall apart in the process.

But wait, before you go here are some quick tips to make sure that your dinner is a success!

How Do You Grill Tofu Without Sticking?

Here are some tips that should help…

  • To prevent tofu from sticking is much like anything else.Consider using a grill spray or cooking the tofu on some grill-safe foil with your favorite oil.This should provide the lubrication necessary so that it doesn’t get stuck to the grill.
  • The other thing to consider is that tofu really gets sticky at high temperatures.You’ll want to keep your grill a bit lower when you’re cooking it.
  • Don’t be afraid to flip your tofu more than once during the cooking process.This will ensure that one side doesn’t remain in contact with the grill for too long.

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Should You Marinate Tofu Before Cooking?

If you’re going to grill tofu, it’s a great idea to marinate it beforehand, especially if you aren’t going to slice it thin.Otherwise, there’s no way to flavor the inside of the tofu and it might end up kind of bland.

You can basically infuse it with any flavor you want.Here are a few tips to do it successfully.

  • First, you want to get the water out of your tofu using atofu press or doing it manually. Check out our top 5 best tofu press options if you don’t have one yet. This helps the flavors from the marinade get into the tofu because the water is no longer there.For marinades with oil, this is essential because oil and water don’t mix.
  • Pick your favorite marinade or make your own and pour it over your tofu in a container so that it is entirely covered.
  • Marinade your tofu for at least an hour, but the longer the better.So long as it is stored air-tight in the fridge you can marinate it for 24-48 hours for maximum flavor absorption.

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