Where are Potatoes Grown?

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Where are Potatoes Grown

Potatoes might just be one of the most popular veggies in the world. This starchy and incredibly versatile vegetable can be transformed into a variety of beloved dishes, including French fries or a simple stuffed baked potato.

Although we’ve probably all had potato on our plate at one point or another, not everyone knows where potatoes are grown. In an effort to educate you further on the delicious potato, we’ll provide you some quick info on its growing conditions here.

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Where are Potatoes Grown?

Top 5 Countries for Potato Production

Potato Produced Annually (Tons)


98.3 Million


48.5 Million


22.5 Million


22.5 Million

United States

20.6 Million

Potato Production Source

Whenever there’s a high demand for a plant, the world will rise to meet it. Because of this, potato production is widespread internationally.

By far the top producer for potatoes, though, is China. China grows around 98 million tons of potatoes annually, which is twice as much as the next greatest producer, India. After China and India, Russia, Ukraine, and the United States are the top potato-producing countries in the world.

As far as where potatoes grow in the US, it’s probably not surprising to anyone that Idaho grows the most American potatoes. The states that most closely follow Idaho in potato production include Colorado, North Dakota, Washington, and Wisconsin.

You can also find potatoes growing in the UK. Scotland produces almost half of the country’s total potatoes annually, although potatoes are grown in 50 different counties across the country.

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Potato FAQs

Where do potatoes grow best?

With most plants, you’ll see experts recommending that they be kept in warm conditions year-round, which restricts where they can be grown. Interestingly, this isn’t the case with potatoes, which are a hardy plant.

In fact, farmers find potatoes grow best in places where there are harsh winters to eliminate pests and warm summers. In these settings, some expert gardeners say to plant potatoes in well-draining soil with a PH between 5.0 and 7.0

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Where do potatoes grow naturally?

It’s true that nowadays, potatoes grow all over the world…but it wasn’t always this way.

It’s true that nowadays, potatoes grow all over the world…but it wasn’t always this way. They had to have come from somewhere, right?

Yes, it’s also true that potatoes have a home region. They actually come from the Americas, where it is said that Native Americans were the first to cultivate the delicious tubers. Natural potato growth is documented ranging from Canada to South America, with noteworthy cases near the Andes mountains and in Peru.

What is the most common potato?

There are several large overarching potato categories, but the most popular one in the United States, at least, is the russet potato. Some sources show that out of the top several potato types commonly cultivated in the US, the first four are all types of russet potato.

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To be specific, the top four types of potatoes grown in the US include the russet Burbank, russet norkotah, ranger russet, and Umatilla russet potatoes. After that, potatoes used for making chips are the most popular type.

What is the rarest potato in the world?

No matter what the product is, you can bet that there’s a luxury version of it. The same concept even applies to the humble potato.

No matter what the product is, you can bet that there’s a luxury version of it. The same concept even applies to the humble potato.

If you don’t believe us, allow us to introduce you to the La Bonnotte, a French potato that grows exclusively on the island of Normoutier. This potato can cost up to $600 for a single kilo.

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Wrap Up

The next time you hear someone refer to something as a “potato” in an insulting way, let them know that potatoes have a wide-reaching and historic influence. Despite their lumpy appearance, potatoes can even be luxurious, with some costing hundreds of US dollars! Plus, these veggies are ultra-flexible, and you can eat them at any time of day with any meal.