Do Avocados Contain Vitamin C? (Explained)

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Everyone loves the creamy avocado. It seems like wherever you look nowadays, you can find some dish with avocado on the menu.

If you’re a regular avocado eater, you might be wondering: Do Avocados Contain Vitamin C? 

Let’s find out!

Quick Answer: Yes, avocados do contain some Vitamin C, but they aren’t an excellent source when you compare their Vitamin C content to their caloric content. Compared to commonly known high Vitamin C foods like oranges, they are quite low in Vitamin C. However

Let’s go in-depth and find out a bit more…

How Much Vitamin C Do Avocados Have by Quantity?

  • A regular 100 g avocado would have 167 kcal and 8.8 mg of Vitamin C.
  • A single medium-sized avocado would have about 227.12 kcal and 12.0 mg of Vitamin C.

This means that for 1 kcal, you eat about 0.055 mg of Vitamin C.

Green-skinned avocados (otherwise known as Florida avocados) are different and are much lower in calories.

A 100 g of green-skin (Florida) avocados would equate to 120 kcal and 17.4 mg or 0.145 mg of Vitamin C per 1 kcal. 

Are Avocados a Good Source of Vitamin C? 

To find out if Avocados are a good source of Vitamin C – let’s compare them to oranges.

We discussed how for 1 calorie of avocados, you’d get around 0.055 mg of Vitamin C.

Compare this to an orange which gives you 1.13 mg of Vitamin C per 1 calorie. 

If you wanted to get your daily value of 60 mg of Vitamin C you’d have to eat over 1,000 calories of Avocado which isn’t really sustainable and would cause a ton of weight gain.