How to Press & Drain Tofu (And Which Way Works Best)

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Are you wondering how to press and drain tofu? This guide is here to help. I’m going to give you three ways to drain the water from tofu so that you have a nice block that’s ready to cook or absorb marinade.


Method 1: Use a Tofu Press

A tofu press is a device that can apply even pressure to a block of tofu to get the water out.

DIY tofu press vs. regular tofu press side by side

The advantage is that you don’t have to do a balancing act (as with rigging one up yourself) and you can create a similar amount of pressure every time you press

In the picture above, you can see a tofu press on the left and a homemade pressing/draining device on the right.As you may have guessed, the method on the left makes things way easier!

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Method 2: Make a Draining/Pressing Device at Home

using cans to drain the water from the tofu


freezing tofu plastic bag

Our can setup topped over!

using dumbells to press tofu

the tofu press in action

the results of both pressing methods

results of marinated tofu after being pressed


frozen tofu after it was cooked

view from the top of the frozen tofu