What Does Tamarindo (Agua Fresca) Taste Like?

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Curious about Tamarindo or tamarind agua fresca? In this article, we’re discussing the taste and texture of this beverage, plus some exciting recipes that’ll perk up your taste buds. 


Let’s get started…

What Does Tamarindo Taste Like? 

Tamarindo, agua de tamarindo or simply tamarind water is an agua fresca, which translates from Spanish to English as “fresh water.” You may also recognize tamarindo as a flavor of a tamarind soda made by Jarritos.

These beverages are sweet and tangy—sweet from sugar and super tart from tamarind. Because tamarind is earthy and flowery, the agua fresca it’s made with has the same delicate characteristics.

Tamarindo Texture 

Thought the Jarritos soda is bubbly, tamarindo in general is flat. It should have the same sort of consistency as juice, thicker than water but still thin.

Of course, if you choose to make tamarindo with carbonated water, it will be fizzy like soda, but that’s more of a personal preference than a universal texture.

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What Is Tamarindo Made Of? 

This refreshing Latin American drink is made by blending the pulp of tamarind pods, sugar and water. The ingredient list need not get more complicated than that, but sometimes little embellishments are added here and there.

Citrus, especially lime or lemon, is sometimes added to tamarindo to create even more complexity in the flavor. You may even find that some recipes call for fruit juices—it’s all about how you like your tamarindo.

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Can You Make Tamarind Water from Tamarind Paste? 

Though using tamarind pods is the way tamarindo is traditionally made, you can definitely use premade tamarind paste instead. This is the easiest option.

Simply switch equal amounts of ready-made tamarind paste with the homemade version in a recipe. While we usually prefer a recipe closest to scratch-made, in this case, we think you’ll find either one delicious.

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How Do You Prepare Tamarindo? 

Want to make your own tamarindo? You’ll be impressed with what you can do with a few simple ingredients.

This video will show you how to make traditional agua de tamarindo with the pods. You’ll just need tamarind pods, sugar and water.

Tamarind is a dream ingredient for mocktails. Try this one with either tamarind paste or chutney, lemon, lime, maple syrup, vanilla and mint.

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Wrap Up 

Tamarindo is an agua fresca that’s like an earthy, sweet and sour fruit juice. It’s an excellent refresher on the long, hot days of summer. Once you get the hang of making tamarindo, try your own twists on it with citrus, spices, herbs and your favorite fruits. Mocktails, anyone?

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