What Does Seaweed Taste Like?

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Is Seaweed Supposed to Taste Fishy? 

Seaweed, especially dried and powdered seaweed like dulse, is often called for in vegan and vegetarian recipes imitating fishy flavors. Vegan tuna salad is a good example.

Though seaweed is incorporated into "fishy" dishes, it is not supposed to taste like fish per se. Rather, its flavor is ocean-like: minerally and heavily salty.

Can Vegans Eat Seaweed? 

Yes, vegans can eat seaweed! There's no fish or animal product in it. All seaweed is is an algae that grows in the ocean. You can think of it as a sea plant rather than a dry land plant growing standard veggies like tomatoes and bell peppers.

In fact, seaweed is an excellent source of iodine, B12, calcium and magnesium, so vegans would be wise to add some seaweed into their diets. Once you try it, this won't be a problem. It's really delicious.

Can You Eat Seaweed Every Day? 



Now that you know all about seaweed, you can pick up a package the next time you see it at the supermarket and make the following mouthwatering recipes with it.

If you have a sushi mat, you can make vegan california rolls with crispy tofu in no time at all. You'll need nori sheets, sushi rice, avocado and sesame seeds.


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