What Does Quince Taste Like?

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What Does Quince Taste Like

In this article, we’re talking all about quince. We’ll cover taste, texture, how to eat it and more to answer your burning questions.

It’s quince time…

What Does Quince Taste Like? 


If you cut a quince open, you’ll see that it looks very much like an apple inside, or perhaps like an apple and pear hyrbid with an apple core and a pear shape. Eating a quince, however, would be like eating a tart apple, and when we say tart, we mean really tart. 

You’re more likely to enjoy a quince in jelly form with added sugar. This process does, in fact, bring out a pear or even slight citrus marmalade quality in the fruit.

Quince Texture 

Fresh quince is very tough and grainy, sort of like an unripe, mealy pear with leathery skin. Cooked quince, on the other hand, is nice and soft.

Though quince is frequently compared to apple, cooked quince probably won’t have that cooked apple texture where the apple still has some snap. Quince is much more similar to pear when cooked, as in squishy and creamy, becoming jelly-like as it breaks down.

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Can You Eat Raw Quince? 

Man eating quince

You probably wouldn’t want to eat a raw quince. It’s just too tough, for one thing, and it’s also very sour. If you wouldn’t enjoy eating a raw crab apple, chances are, you wouldn’t like a raw quince. Additionally, raw quince can be irritating to the throat.

However, if you do enjoy raw quince, there’s no danger in eating it. You could even juice it if you have a juicer or blender at home.

Do You Need to Peel Quinces? 

If you’re juicing, you may want to skip peeling as quinces are such hard fruits that leaving the skin intact might be easier. Otherwise, whether you peel quinces or not is up to you.

Many recipes call for quince fruit with the skin on. If you want to ditch the skin but you’re having a hard time trying, you can precook your quince in boiling water to soften it. This will make peeling much more manageable.

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Are Quince Seeds Poisonous? 

Yes, quince seeds are considered poisonous. You should always extract all the seeds before consuming the flesh.

Some say that only larger quantities of quince seeds are problematic, but to be safe, we’d recommend steering clear of them entirely. Don’t worry—the fruit itself is quite safe.

How Do You Use Quince Fruit? 

Quince juice

There are tons of ways to use quince fruit in condiments, pies, sautes and beverages. We’ve picked out two videos with two different recipes for you to check out to get an idea of the diverse uses for quince.

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Curious about how to use quince in a savory way? This video will prepare you to incorporate it into your main meals. You’ll learn how to make a Turkish quince and leek saute with quince, leeks, carrots, olive oil, salt and pepper. Simple, fast and delicious.

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Using quince, sugar and citric acid, you’ll be able to make a Persian quince jam called moraba ye beh by the time you’re done watching this video. The moraba ye beh is a tart-sweet condiment similar to chutney with lovely hunks of fruit.

Wrap Up

Quince is a delightful fruit that, unlike typical fruits, is best eaten cooked. Just stay away from the seeds! Enjoy quince simmered in sauces, made into jam or baked into a lovey vegan tart. If you haven’t gotten around to trying it, don’t be afraid of this fruit. It’s one of the most aromatic delicacies of the fruit world.

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