What Does Parsnip Taste Like? What Do They Pair Well With?

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In this short article, we’re going to answer some of your most common questions on parsnip – including the ever so popular one: What Does Parsnip Taste Like?

what does parsnip taste like

Let’s get to the parsnip…

Check out the video above for an extremely detailed description from an adventurous kid! 

Texture of Parsnips

The texture of a parsnip will greatly depend on how you cook it…

  • Roasted Parsnip:The texture of a roasted parsnip is similar to a roasted white potato, but more starchy.The outside of can get kind of crunchy, but it usually has a softer texture than a roasted potato.
  • Boiled Parsnip:Boiled parsnips have a creamy texture.Some of the starch will get boiled out in the water, so it’s a big lighter and less dense than a roasted parsnip.

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Does Parsnip Taste Like a Turnip?

While they have similar texture, a parsnip doesn’t taste like a turnip.Parsnips have a sweet flavor profile while turnips tend to be slightly bitter.For context, a turnip tastes similar to a radish.

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What Pairs Well with Parsnips?

  • Soups:Parsnips are great additions to any kind of soup.They add a pleasant texture when boiled whole in a soup or can be pureed to get a butternut squash soup texture. 
  • Salads:As we mentioned, thin and raw parsnip pairs well with fresh veggies in a salad.
  • Mashed Potatoes:You can pair mashed parsnips and mashed potatoes to for a creamier texture and slightly sweet and herb-like flavor profile.
  • Savory Herbs & Spices:Roasting parsnips with herbs is a great way to compliment it’s flavor profile.With a little bit of olive oil, salt and herbs of choice, you’ll end of with delicious veggie chips.
  • Sweet Spices: Spices like clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg are perfect.

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Here are a few videos to illustrate greater detail…

In the video above, it shows how easy it is to puree parsnip into a creamy soup.throw somechivesor scallions on there and you’re good to go!