What Does Dhokla Taste Like?

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What Does Dhokla Taste Like

If you’re on the lookout for ways to diversify your breakfast or snack routines, you can’t go wrong by looking to Indian food for inspiration. There are numerous regions in India that each produce their own diverse foods.

One such food is dhokla, a spongy cake made from rice and chickpeas. You can eat it as a main dish at breakfast or nibble on it as a snack.

Wondering what dhokla tastes like? We’ll answer that question and other dhokla-related questions in this article.

What Does Dhokla Taste Like?

Dhokla’s taste is incredibly sophisticated. It possesses both sweet and savory profiles that intermingle with an overall spiciness.

You’ll get some heat from the traditionally included chili pepper. This heat is rounded out with the bright, citrus notes of fresh ginger and the unique fragrance of coriander.

Make sure you don’t mistake dhokla with khaman, though! There’s a misconception that khaman is dhokla. Although these two Indian dishes are quite similar, there is a key difference: dhokla is made from rice and chickpeas, and khaman is made with just chickpeas.

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Is Dhokla Eaten Hot or Cold?

Let’s say you’ve whipped up dhokla at home. If you’re otherwise unfamiliar with it, you probably want to know how it should be served.

As it turns out, dhokla shouldn’t be served either hot or cold. Instead, the best temperature for eating it is room temperature. No need to chill or heat it prior to serving.

Is Dhokla a Junk Food?

When you describe something as a cake, you automatically think of something frosted and sugary sweet. While dhokla doesn’t fit that description, you may still be curious about whether this cake is considered something healthy or just an occasional indulgence.

The good news is, as far as snacks go, dhokla is surprisingly healthy. Because it’s steamed, you avoid much of the fat and calories that come from being fried. Furthermore, the fermented cake is an excellent plant-based protein source, making it perfect for vegan diets.

What’s more, dhokla is easy on your stomach. Because it’s fermented, digesting it is simple for your body.

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What Do You Eat Dhokla With?

Although it’s delicious, you probably don’t want to serve dhokla by itself. It would be almost like eating a plain slice of toast.

If you’re looking for something to serve alongside your dhokla, consider chillies or chutney. Some even garnish their dhokla cakes with a sprinkle of coconut shavings and coriander.

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Wrap Up

Is breakfast getting a little boring for you? Whipping up some dhokla could be the perfect way to make your breakfast interesting once more. You can follow this simple khaman dhokla recipe for guidance. It even includes a green chutney recipe you can use to top your dhokla!