What Does Dende Oil Taste Like?

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What Does Dende Oil Taste Like

Most people have cooked with olive, vegetable, or canola oil at least once before. But what about dende oil?

If you’ve never heard of dende oil, don’t worry – we’re here to introduce you to this vegetable oil. Keep reading to learn what dende oil tastes like, what it’s made from, and how to substitute it.

What Does Dende Oil Taste Like?

Dende oil is very similar in taste to your average bottle of olive oil. The taste is mildly sweet with indulgent buttery hints.

Even though they may taste alike, you’d never mistake dende oil for olive oil. Instead of being a delicate light gold, dende oil is a deep red that almost makes it resemble hot sauce in bulk. It imparts a golden color on food, just like turmeric does.

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Is Red Palm Oil the Same as Dende Oil?

The word “dende” doesn’t tell you much if you’re an English speaker. Knowing what it means will clarify for you what the difference is between red palm and dende oil…

That’s because dende actually means palm oil in Portuguese! Put simply, red palm oil and palm oil are the same things as dende oil.

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Is Dende Oil Healthy?

Now that we’ve established what dende oil is, let’s look at exactly how healthy it is. That could help determine whether you’ll want to try it yourself next.

There’s good news and bad news when it comes to dende oil’s healthiness. The bad news is that Harvard Health Publishing noted that it’s high in saturated fat. Saturated fat has been linked with the development of heart disease for a long time.

However, it’s important to note that dende oil has less saturated fat than coconut oil. Additionally, it is a better alternative to trans fats, which are significantly less healthy.

The bottom line is, dende oil would be far from the healthiest thing in your kitchen if you had some. Olive and canola oil are better choices when it comes to eating smart. On occasion, though, you can use dende oil in moderation.

What is Dende Oil Made From?

You wouldn’t be the only one if you wondered what goes into your dende oil. The key is in its other name: palm oil.

Dende oil is made from an oil palm fruit’s mesocarp. If you’re not sure what a mesocarp is, it’s part of a fruit’s fleshy inner layer.

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What is a Good Substitute for Dende Oil?

Are you trying a recipe that calls for dende oil, only to find you don’t have any at home? It’s okay if you don’t, because you already probably have the best substitute on hand: olive oil.

The similarity in flavors between these oils makes them suitable substitutes for each other. As a bonus, olive oil is a bit better for you than dende oil, so you can use it is a substitute in good conscience.

Wrap Up

If you visit Brazil and come across dende oil, don’t be afraid to try it. It’s a lot like olive oil, which people all over the world are familiar with. It’s not the healthiest cooking oil out there, but there’s no reason why you can’t consume it in moderation.