What Does Cauliflower Taste Like?

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What Does Cauliflower Taste Like

Cauliflower, like its green broccoli lookalike, is a vegetable with a bit of a negative reputation. There are many out there who despise its taste, and consequently, many more who are afraid to try it.

But this popular vegan staple can be a real crowd pleaser if you know how to prepare it. We’ll tell you what cauliflower tastes like, how it holds up to broccoli, and what you can do to turn it into a tasty treat.

What Does Cauliflower Taste Like?

Raw cauliflower is unpalatable for a lot of people. When you first bite into it, you’ll get a dull earthiness that’s borderline flavorless – some may even say it tastes like dirt. After that first taste, however, there’s a trace amount of bitterness that’s repellant for many.

Texturally, cauliflower florets are ultra-crunchy, which means they’re a perfect snack for dips. The stems are stringy and fibrous, though – a texture that can be unappealing.

Cooking cauliflower changes the texture and the flavor. Cooked cauliflower becomes much sweeter with pleasing nutty notes that the average person will find more enjoyable.

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Why Does Cauliflower Taste so Bad?

If you’re someone who thinks cauliflower tastes awful, you’re probably wondering what makes it taste so bad. There are a few reasons for this

Improperly preparing your cauliflower can create a foul, bitter taste. Overcooking it, for instance, can enhance the bitterness in its aftertaste.

Sometimes, the conditions in which the cauliflower grow can also impact its flavor. Cauliflower that’s exposed to too much sunlight can grow bitterer.

Your disgust for the white cruciferous vegetable might also be a simple matter of genetics. A portion of the population can be defined as supertasters, people who have extra-sensitive taste receptors. If you’re a supertaster, the bitterness in cauliflower will be much more pronounced than for another person.

Do Broccoli and Cauliflower Taste the Same?

Cauliflower looks like you just dyed broccoli white. Given their close resemblance, it’s natural to wonder if cauliflower and broccoli taste the same.

There is a slight difference in their taste. Broccoli’s flavor is greener and grassier than cauliflower’s – in comparison, cauliflower is almost a little sweet.

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How Do You Take the Bitterness Out of Cauliflower?

If you’re trying to get more cauliflower into your diet, the good news is that there are ways you can improve its flavor. Using cauliflower in your cooking rather than eating it raw is the first step.

You can bake, steam, roast, and even fry cauliflower. We’ve created a list of spices that go with cauliflower that you can use to make it taste better while you cook with it.

Once it’s softened by cooking, you can even us it to make various types of food. Cauliflower “steaks,” mashed potatoes, and rice are all possibilities. We’ve even used cauliflower to make a vegan alfredo pasta before.

Wrap Up

Raw cauliflower can taste a little too bitter for many. However, by cooking this cruciferous veggie, you can transform it into something that’s much more palatable. With recipes like our vegan alfredo pasta, you won’t even notice the taste of cauliflower at all.