What Does A Fig Taste Like?

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Wondering what figs taste like? You’ve come to right place. We’re covering fig taste, texture, varieties and serving tips below.

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What Does a Fig Taste Like?

A fig has a unique flavor. The sweetness is the most prominent taste, though there are hints of fruity, floral qualities you’ll notice, too. 

You might come across fresh or dried figs in the supermarket. The fresh figs will be more floral than the dried figs, which develop more jammy, nutty and cane sugar flavors.

Are Fresh Figs Sweet? 

A freshly ripe fig, which is firm to the touch but gives just a little, is going to be sweet, but not nearly as sweet as a very ripe fig. The squishier a fig gets, the riper—and sweeter—it gets.

Because fresh figs are sweet, they tend to be combined with savory and pungent flavors for contrast. Try adding some fresh figs to a salad with walnuts and bitter greens.

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Fig Texture

Fresh figs are incredibly moist and soft with a slightly chewy skin. The more ripe they are, the softer and squishier they’ll be. They’re also slightly fibrous inside with soft, tiny seeds that you eat with the whole fruit.

Dried figs are much denser, chewier and stickier with a more pronounced chewiness to the seeds.

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Do Figs Taste Like Dates? 

A little bit. Both figs and dates are sweet, but dates are perhaps a little more sugary than figs with slightly different nuances in flavor. 

The flowery essence in fresh figs develops into more of a raisin flavor in dried figs while dried dates tend to taste more like sugar with a hint of prune.

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What is the Best Tasting Fig? 

Generally, the best tasting anything is a matter of personal preference, but here are some of the most popular kinds:

  • Black Mission, inky blue to black and sugary-sweet.
  • Brown Turkey, light brown to purple, mild and honey-like.
  • Calimyrna, green and nutty.

Fig Serving Tips 

People love cooking with figs because they go with just about anything. It’s true! Just watch these short videos and you’ll see what we mean.

If you need ideas for a party app, these vegan cheese and fig pastries will definitely be a hit. They’ve got scrummy figs, cashew “cheese,” vegan puff pastry, walnuts and balsamic drizzle.

This video is going to show you how to make healthy, delicious vegan fig, vanilla and lime custard with almond milk, agar agar, vanilla, fresh lime juice and, of course, figs.

Wrap Up 

Figs are delightfully soft, sweet fruits with lovely jammy to nutty characteristics depending on the variety. Add them to your salads, appetizer menus, main meals, desserts, and anything you’d like to naturally sweeten up a touch.

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