What Do Black Bean Noodles Taste Like?

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What Do Black Bean Noodles Taste Like

Asian cuisine is vast and varied. There are so many dishes from Asian countries that deserve to be shared with the world, including a dish known as jajangmyeon.

Also known as black bean noodles, this recipe is visually striking and delectable. In this post, we’ll tell you what black bean noodles taste like, and give you our overall opinion on the dish.  

Keep reading to learn about what could be your next Korean food obsession.

What Do Black Bean Noodles Taste Like?

Black Bean Noodles

The overwhelming flavor in jajangmyeon comes from the black bean paste that goes into the sauce. By itself, it has a deeply pungent earthy and bitter flavor tempered by a salty bite. There are some small flashes of spiciness adding bright notes to it, as well, but the spice is far from overwhelming.

Traditionally, jajangmyeon is served with pork. This brings sweet, gamey flavors to the dish. It also helps accentuate the saltiness from the black bean paste, as well as add texture to it.

However, jajangmyeon is easy to make vegan. Simply omit the meat to make it vegan-friendly. You can also swap out the pork for tofu if you still want to add some texture to your dish.

If you’ve ever had udon noodles, you’ll understand how the noodles in jajangmyeon taste. They’re thicker than your standard spaghetti noodle and are also a little chewier. By themselves, the taste is mild.

The overall effect of the dish is one that’s simultaneously savory, salty, and sweet. This isn’t one of the most popular comfort foods in Korea for no reason!

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Are Black Bean Noodles Good?

Black Bean Noodles

If you’re curious about trying something new, your question is probably this simple: is it good? We’d like to think so!

Black bean noodles are an extremely popular comfort food in South Korea. You can kind of compare the dish to a comforting, indulgent vegan mac and cheese.

So if you like complex, contrasting flavors, we’d say give jajangmyeon a try at least once. You can click here to find a vegan jajangmyeon recipe you can make yourself. 

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Are Black Bean Noodles Spicy?

While there are some other noodle dishes with black bean sauce that will get your nose running from the heat, jajangmyeon isn’t normally that spicy. It’s more sweet and salty than hot.

In other words, if you have a low heat tolerance, you won’t need to pass on this one.

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Wrap Up

The world is vast, wide, and full of recipes to try. Black bean noodles (jajangmyeon) are just another thing to add to your culinary bucket list. It’s the perfect Korean comfort food to prepare if you need something to cheer or warm you up.