Is Dragon Fruit Sweet Or Sour? (Explained)

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Is Dragon Fruit Sweet Or Sour

So, you would like to know whether dragon fruit tastes sweet or sour? In this article, you will find the answer to that question. 

We won’t stop there, expect to learn a lot of surprising facts about dragon fruit. Tons of questions will be answered here so stick around and start reading!

Is Dragon Fruit Sweet Or Sour?

Put simply, dragon fruit is sweet. The taste of dragon fruit is most commonly compared to the taste of kiwi, or a combination of pear and kiwi. It has a texture that is similar to a kiwi as well.

While this fruit looks extremely exotic and extravagant, its taste is anything but that. It actually tastes very plain. 

When ripe, there is some sweetness to the taste of dragon fruit. However, if it’s not ripe enough it will be practically flavorless. That’s not something you’d expect from fruit with such a unique, vibrant look!

Even when it is ripe, the taste of dragon fruit is not intense, the sweetness is found in traces. This is why it is often compared to a kiwi, which has a similar taste profile. 

What Does Dragon Fruit Look Like?

The unique look of dragon fruit is definitely one of the main reasons people are interested in it. There are three different varieties of dragon fruit, based on looks:

  • Yellow with white flesh
  • Pink with white flesh
  • Pink with red flesh

The fruit is covered in thick bulges that resemble petals. It looks really exotic from the outside, but even more so once you look on the inside. The colors inside of dragon fruits are extremely vibrant. You will also see a lot of tiny black seeds sprinkled all over the fruit. No worries, they are edible, just like those found in kiwis.

How Do You Eat Dragon Fruit?

You should never cut open a dragon fruit until the exact moment you plan to eat it. This fruit dries out easily and starts to lose its color after being left cut for a while.

The easiest way to eat dragon fruit is to cut it in half and use a spoon to eat the flesh. You can eat it straight out of the shell that way.

A different method is to use a knife or a sharp spoon and carve out the flesh from the shell. You can then cut that flesh into pieces or slices and serve however you want.

You can also use dragon fruit in various sauces or puddings if you puree it. The shell, or skin, of dragon fruit, shouldn’t be eaten. However, many people like to save it and use it for decoration when they are serving dragon fruit to people. 

When is Dragon Fruit in Season?

Dragon fruit is most commonly grown in Central and South America, Australia, Mexico, the Caribbean, Israel, and Southeast Asia. In the US it is often grown in warmer states such as Florida, Texas, and California.

It is normally in season during the summer in all of the mentioned areas, but you can find it available during the entire year.

How Do I Store Dragon Fruit?

Dragon fruit will start to ripen if you store it on the kitchen counter. It can be safely stored there, but if it starts to get too soft, you should place it in the fridge.

You will know when it is too soft if you press into it and it starts to yield. The best way to store it in the fridge is to put it into a plastic bag. You can keep it that way for a couple of days. If you notice that your dragon fruit started to get mushy, you should probably throw it away.

Which is Sweeter, Red or White Dragon Fruit?

We already mentioned that there are three varieties of dragon fruit. But which one is the sweetest? The sweetest one is the dragon fruit with yellow skin and white flesh!

It has a translucent inside and larger seeds than all other types of dragon fruit. It is most commonly grown in Ecuador. 

It is generally less leafy and smaller than other kinds and is known to be the most flavorful dragon fruit. This dragon fruit is recommended for people that are trying these fruit for the first time because the flavor is impactful and easy to get used to.

Which is the Least Sweet Dragon Fruit?

The dragon fruit with the least sweetness is the one with red skin and white flesh. This is the most common type of dragon fruit. It has an earthy flavor and is only mildly sweet.

When people talk of dragon fruit, this is the type they are usually referring to. It is very popular in Asian cuisine and is most commonly used as a refreshing snack. It is easy to eat because it comes in its own bowl (the skin) and it is available throughout the entire year.

The dragon fruit with red skin and white flesh is the one that is grown worldwide and easiest to find.

Is Dragon Fruit Healthy?

Dragon fruit has a lot of health benefits, and here are just some of them:

  • It is extremely rich in antioxidants. Some of them include phenolic acid, betacyanin, and flavonoids. They will protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that cause premature aging and diseases like cancer.
  • Dragon fruit is high in fiber and low in fat. It is an excellent snack because it keeps you full, so you won’t need to eat much during your meals.
  • It can also help in lowering your blood sugar. Dragon fruit replaces the damaged cells that make insulin. Insulin helps your body break down sugar, and these cells are found in your pancreas.
  • Dragon fruit contains prebiotics. These are foods that feed the healthy bacteria in your belly. This way, your intestines will have a better balance of good to bad bacteria. If we want to get more specific, the exact probiotic bacteria that are fed by dragon fruit are bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. They are helpful because they kill viruses and other bacteirua that cause diseases. They will also help you digest food.
  • It helps strengthen your immune system. This is because dragon fruit has a ton of vitamin C.
  • It also boosts your iron levels. Iron helps move the oxygen through your body and provides you with more energy. 

Can I Eat Dragon Fruit Every Day?

We mentioned the health benefits of dragon fruit, but is it safe to eat every day. Most of the time, yes. You shouldn’t have any issues if you eat some each day, and the health benefits are really good.

Still, some people might be allergic to dragon fruit, but it happens extremely rarely. It doesn’t hurt to check, though! 

The only side-effect that can happen when eating too much dragon fruit is that your urine might turn pink or red. It only changes visually and it doesn’t mean much. The color of your urine will return to normal quickly.

Is Dragon Fruit a Laxative?

This fruit is high in fiber and water, which means that it is an amazing remedy for constipation. It works especially well with children. The black seeds found in dragon fruit have a mild laxative effect. It is not a bad idea to replace some snacks your kids eat with dragon fruit. It looks pleasing and they might enjoy it!

Is Dragon Fruit Skin Toxic?

Dragon fruit skin is not toxic. You can eat it but it won’t have the same sweet taste as the flesh. It tastes savory, in a specific way. The skin is often used in Indonesia, as an ingredient in stir fry.

It is also rich in nutrients that are commonly extracted from it to produce food additives.

The skin can also be made into an anti-aging facial mask and a nutritious tea.