Are Grapes Sweet Or Sour? (EXPLAINED)

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Wondering if grapes are sweet or sour? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re going to cover everything you need to know including:

  • Whether or not grapes are sour or sweet.
  • Are red grapes and green grapes sour or sweet
  • What grapes taste like
  • Why your grapes, in particular, might not be sweet
  • Which grapes are the sweetest based on their color
  • Which color grapes are sweeter, green, red, or black
  • Whether or not cotton candy grapes are sweet

Let’s get started.

Are Grapes Sweet or Sour?

Most grapes are sweet. Simple enough answer, but there’s a caveat, of course. Most of you have probably run into a sour grape or two during your lifetime.

Grapes are sweet if they are ripe enough, and that is basically the gist of it. If you taste a grape and it is sour, chances are it hasn’t been left to ripen.

Most of the time grapes will be picked when they seem ready for it, but sometimes they just haven’t reached the level of ripeness that gives them the needed level of flavor and sweetness.

Not all bunches of grapes will be ripe simultaneously and only a skilled picker will know which ones they should pick.

An important thing to note is that grapes ripen while they are on the vine. Once they are picked they start to rot, they can’t get sweeter. This is different from some other fruit, like a banana, for example, so you might want to note that down.

Red Grapes

Red grapes are generally considered to be really sweet, so if you don’t like even a hint of sourness, these should be your choice.

Green Grapes

Green grapes are sourer than red grapes. While they are also sweet, you can definitely taste a sour note in them.

What Do Grapes Taste Like?

Grapes taste sweet if they are ripe enough. They usually have a rich, sweet flavor with a bit of tartness to them sometimes. While some types of grapes are known to be sourer than others, sweetness is still the prevalent flavor.

This of course refers to table grapes, the ones you buy at the store and can eat freely. Wine grapes are used for making wine (as the name implies), and are smaller, with a nice smell. 

While their flesh is also sweet, they have lots of skins and seeds that make them have a bitter and sour taste. They shouldn’t be eaten like regular table grapes.

Why Are My Grapes Not Sweet?

Your grapes are not sweet because they aren’t ripe enough. It’s as simple as that. You probably bought a bad batch of grapes that were picked before they were ready.

Most of the time you can easily taste test grapes at the store, so we advise you to do so before buying. Make sure to pay attention to the brand and buy grapes from those you have a good experience with. 

When looking at grapes at the store, always choose the ones that have fresh green stems and the fruit firmly attached to the stem.

What Color Grape is The Sweetest?

Black grapes are generally considered to be the sweetest.

Which Grape is Sweeter: Red, Black or Green?

Black grapes are the sweetest, followed by red grapes, and then the green ones. 

Black grapes have the highest concentration of flavonoids, an antioxidant compound that gives the grapes their sweetness. Red grapes also contain them, but less than black ones.

Green grapes are the ones that will most likely have a sour note to them, so they are the least sweet out of the bunch.

Are Cotton Candy Grapes Sweet?

Cotton candy grapes are known to be extremely sweet. People often compare them to candy, which explains their name. They make for a wonderful summer snack. 

Cotton candy grapes are available during the summer months, so when you’re hot and looking for a refreshing snack, these might be a good choice. They offer all the health benefits of regular grapes as well.