Are Almonds a Stone Fruit? (EXPLAINED)

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Are Almonds a Stone Fruit_ (EXPLAINED)

Almonds, despite popular consensus, are not really a type of nut, they are fruit. That said, they are obviously still marketed and eaten as nuts.

The young fruit of almond trees sometimes referred to as green almonds, have a soft green shell and fleshy interior and are consumed as fruit.

The almonds that most of us are used to are in actuality the seeds of the almond tree. 

But, let’s talk about the real question: are almonds considered a stone fruit?

Quick Answer: Yes, almonds are considered stone fruit. The fruit from the almond tree is a “green almond” which is edible, except for the stone in the center. That stone is what is commonly referred to as almonds, though it is truly just the seed.

Are Date Stones Freestone or Clingstone?

The green almond is technically a freestone fruit because the seed or “stone” is rather easy to remove. Rather than sticky pulp or flesh surrounding it, almond seeds are covered by a leathery layer that is easy to remove the stone from. Removing almond stones has been compared to removing pits from peaches. 

Similar Stone Fruits

  • Peaches are a similar stone fruit to almonds in that they both have large freestones at their centers.
  • Avocados are a type of stone fruit that shares the similarity of being an odd-ball stone fruit with almonds.
  • Plums & Prunes are similar to almonds in that they can be eaten raw (as plums), or turned into a secondary product (prunes).