Fruits Like Strawberries (8 Substitutes That Look and Taste Similar)

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fruits like strawberries

Many people consider strawberries to be the most wonderful fruits around. In fact, strawberry jam continually tops the list of global favorites! If you love these berries, then read on to discover 8 other fruits like strawberries that you’ll fall in love with.

1. Pineberry

pineberry vs strawberry

This beautiful fruit looks like a white strawberry and tastes like pineapple, hence its name. It’s related to standard strawberries, and has been cultivated from a rare mutated strain that was found in France. Now it’s grown throughout Europe and exported to North America and beyond. Its color can range from whitish-pink to pale peach or orange.

You might be able to find fresh pineberries near you between May and June, but they’re still considered quite rare. Alternatively, you can order a jar of pineberry jam online and slather its contents all over your favorite scones.

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2. Frutilla Chilena

This Chilean white strawberry is believed to be one of the ancestors that pineberries descended from. The fruits are bright white with pinkish-red seeds, and taste like a cross between strawberry and pineapple. One main difference between these berries and the classic red strawberries we’re familiar with is size: a typical frutilla Chilena berry is usually only 1/2″ to 3/4″ in size.

They grow prolifically throughout South and Central America, so you’re in luck if you live in those locales. Alternatively, look for them at Latin American grocery stores and fruit stands between April and July.

3. Soursop

soursop taste

Are you familiar with soursop fruits yet? If not, add them to your shopping list immediately.

Soursops grow in South and Central America as well as the Caribbean, and are far tastier than they appear. Simply peel back their spiky green skins to discover the juicy, creamy flesh within. This inner flesh tastes like a mix of strawberry and apple, with a texture that’s rather like banana.

Soursops are related to sweetsops (aka atis fruits), and are so named because of their slightly acidic note.

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4. Muntingia


You may have come across this fruit labeled as a Jamaican cherry or Panama berry. It comes from a species native to South and Central America that is often referred to as a “strawberry tree”. The fruits look like cherries and taste like a combination of strawberry, cherry, and cotton candy.

Look for them at Caribbean and South American grocery stores or see if you can order some preserves online.

5. Feijoa

feijoa cut open

The fruits from this myrtle tree relative are absolutely fascinating. Appearance-wise, they look like small green mangoes, but their insides resemble yellow tomatoes. The inner flesh has a texture similar to tomato as well, but tastes like a cross between strawberry and guava, with a hint of pineapple.

You can find these trees growing wild in Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, and Argentina. Alternatively, look for the fruits at Latin American supermarkets and fruit stands.

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6. Yangmei


Yangmei fruits may look like spiky lychees, but they’re quite different. They’re drupe fruits, like cherries, and inside their spiky little skins you’ll find chewy, juicy red flesh.

This inner flesh tastes a lot like strawberry, but blander. In fact, the flavor has been described as “the memory of a strawberry”, since it’s so mild. As a result, it’s best to transform this fruit into jam, so you can add some extra sweetness and flavoring agents.

7. Strawberry Guava


You may not have had the opportunity to try this fruit unless you’ve spent time in Brazil. It’s also known as the Peruvian guava or Cattley guava, and tastes like a cross between strawberry and passion fruit.

This fruit’s texture is totally different to strawberry, however. Instead of being firm and slightly crunchy, the inner flesh of strawberry guava is goopy—much like a passion fruit. As a result, it’s best to eat it raw or incorporate it into smoothies, iced desserts, and preserves.

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8. Mangosteen

magnosteens are sweet and tart

This Southeast Asian fruit might look absolutely nothing like a strawberry, but their flavors are very similar. Mangosteens are both sweet-tart and mildly acidic with deliciously fragrant, juicy flesh.

Their main difference is that mangosteens are far better when eaten raw rather than cooked or baked. You can use them in lieu of strawberries in fresh desserts, salads, sorbets, and smoothies, but hold off on using them in tarts.

Try to get your hands on as many of these other fruits like strawberries as you can. Then experiment with them to figure out how you like them best. Do you like them raw in cereals and salads? Or transformed into jam or pie?

However you enjoy them, these fruits have delightful flavors that deserve to be celebrated whenever possible.