Fruits Like Prunes (8 Substitutes That Look and Taste Similar)

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fruits like prunes

Do you like sweet, juicy, delicious prunes? Then click here to check out our list of 8 other delicious fruits like prunes that you’re sure to enjoy. You can try them on their own, mixed in sweet and savory baked goods, or as part of your favorite breakfast.

1. Raisins


If you’ve ever seen a prune, then you’ve probably noticed that they look like large raisins. Since prunes are dried purple plums and raisins are dried purple grapes, that resemblance makes a lot of sense!

You can use raisins in lieu of prunes for baked recipes, or use them interchangeably in cold cereal, porridge, and raw energy bars.

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2. Dates


These are about as close as you can get to prune-like flavor and texture. Raw date fruits even look like plums, and have a similar earthy sweetness when they’re dried. Dates are sweeter and creamier than prunes, however, and don’t have the jaw-clenching, tangy aftertaste either.

Use dates for any baked items that call for prunes, or soak them briefly and add them to smoothies. They’ll provide sweetness and fiber, as well as delicious flavor.

3. Figs

semi-dried figs

You may have only encountered figs as tasty fillings to fruit bars at this point. If this is the case, try to get your hands on fresh or semi-dried figs as soon as possible. Although they can get a bit chewy and stringy when fully dried, fresh figs share prunes’ soft, juicy sweetness and musky flavor.

Try eating them as they are, or halve them and stuff them with vegan goat cheese. Then drizzle them with agave syrup, add a pinch of cinnamon, and devour with great enthusiasm.

4. Dried Cherries

dried cherries

If you love prunes for their sweet-tart flavor and tantalizing chewiness, then you’ll love dried cherries as well. Dried cherries have a very similar flavor profile to prunes, and are as delicious for snacking on as they are for cooking and baking.

Try adding dried cherries to your next Moroccan stew instead of prunes. Alternatively, toss them into muffins, granola, trail mix, or homemade energy bites.

5. Sultanas


While dark raisins are dehydrated purple grapes, sultanas are dried green or yellow grapes. Additionally, they go through a special curing process that keeps them juicy even after they’ve been dried—much like prunes.

Sultanas are sweeter than regular raisins and have a similar nectar-like sugar level to prunes or figs. They’re ideal in fruitcakes and other baked goods, but can be a bit overpoweringly sweet when eaten on their own. Try counteracting this sweetness by teaming them up with salted nuts and toasted seeds for muesli or other snacks.

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6. Currants

dried currants

If you like standard raisins, then you’ll probably appreciate currants as well. Currants are tiny, sweet-tart bites of deliciousness that can be used in lieu of prunes in just about any recipe imaginable.

Just keep in mind that you’ll need to use a lot of them if you’re swapping them out for a specific dish. One currant is about 1/20th the size of a prune, so go by dried fruit weight rather than volume measurement.

7. Apricots

dried apricots

Some people eat prunes specifically for their fiber content, rather than for their flavor. If this is your main priority as well, then try adding some dried apricots to your next shopping list. They’re chewier and more tart than prunes, but are incredibly good for your health. In addition to offering a lot of dietary fiber, they’re also startlingly high in iron.

If you’d like to use apricots as prune substitutes for baked dishes like cake or tagine, try rehydrating them slightly beforehand. This will plump them up nicely and reconstitute some of their sweetness.

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8. Plums


What could be more like a prune than the fruit in its original form? Prunes are dried plums, and although the original fruits are significantly juicier than their pruny counterparts, both fruit forms have similar flavors. Furthermore, their fiber content is almost identical.

If you like prunes for their healthy digestive support, then you’re sure to love plums for the same reason.

As you can see, there are plenty of other fruits like prunes that you can try out. Some are best baked into muffins or snack bars, while others make amazing toppings for oatmeal. Pretty much everything on this list is spectacular in trail mix, however, or as part of a fruit and nut appetizer plate.

Be sure to try them all out to see which you like best!