Fruits Like Mosambi (10 Substitutes That Look and Taste Similar)

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fruits like mosambi

Have you heard of a mosambi fruit before? They’re also known as “sweet limes” and grown on evergreen trees in India. If you like them, you’ll probably also enjoy the other fruits like mosambi on our list below.

1. Rangpur Lime

rangpur lime flavor

Rangpur limes have bright orange skins instead of green or yellow. Their flavor is similar to mosambi fruit in that it has a classic lime flavor, but is sweet rather than tart.

This juice is absolutely delicious, and works beautifully in drinks and desserts. You can also use it in salad dressings, salsas, and other savory dishes that need a bright citrus note without any bitterness.

2. Meyer Lemon

meyer lemon flavor

These lemons are similar to the limes mentioned above in both size and flavor. They’re yellow rather than orange, however, and taste like a mixture of sweet lime and lemon.

The reason meyer lemons are sweet rather than sour is because they’ve been crossed with both tangerines and pomelos. Try Meyer lemon juice in lemon bars or as a key ingredient in white sangria.

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3. Etrog

etrog flavor

If you’ve ever seen a fruit that looks like a lumpy lemon-lime hybrid, then you’ve probably already met an etrog. This fruit can be found in both Israel and India, and tastes a lot like mosambi.

Etrogs have a similar sour-sweet flavor and tart aftertaste, with a classic citrus bite. Try making your own homemade marmalade with etrog to spread on toast or English muffins!

4. Calamondin

calamondin flavor

Calamondins are roughly the same size and shape as mosambi fruits, only their skins are slightly more orange. They’re a mix between kumquats and mandarin oranges, but are tart rather than super sweet.

You can use this juice in lieu of mosambi in purees and smoothies, or transform it into jelly.

5. Kinnow

kinnow origin

Kinnows look almost identical to mosambis, only they’re slightly larger. Both have greenish-orange skins and sweet-sour juice, and they can be swapped out for just about any purpose.

The one major difference between the two of them is that kinnows are only grown in Pakistan, while mosambis grow in India, Southeast Asia, and the Mediterranean.

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6. Ugli Fruit

ugli fruit flavor

This three-way hybrid of orange, grapefruit, and tangerine tastes surprisingly amazing. Furthermore, since ugli fruit gets a hint of tartness from its grapefruit ancestry, its flavor is very close to that of mosambi.

You should be able to find ugli fruit at most supermarkets. Just look around the citrus section until you find something that looks like a large, lumpy grapefruit. Then take it home, eat it raw, or transform it into juice.

7. Pomelo

pomelo vitamin c

Pomelos also taste a lot like mosambi, without the bitter note that ugli fruit has to offer. These massive fruits are some of the biggest citrus around and pack a ton of Vitamin C into every wedge.

They look like large mosambi fruits too, with their green skins and neat little segments.

8. Yuzu

yuzu flavor

If you like your citrus on the bittersweet side, then definitely try to get your hands on some yuzu fruits. They can be difficult to find outside of Japan, but you might get lucky and find them at a local Asian supermarket.

Yuzu tastes like a mix of orange, lemon, and lime, with a bright flavor that lends beautifully to sorbets and drinks. If you can’t find the fresh fruits, look for canned yuzu juice instead. Alternatively, you can always get a bottle of Yuzuri liqueur to try out!

9. Hyuganatsu

hyuganatsu flavor

These Japanese fruits look and taste quite a bit like mosambi. They’re relatively the same size and shape, but have bright yellow skins rather than green-orange.

Hyuganatsu’s flavor isn’t quite as sharp as lime, but is just as delicious.

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10. Key Lime

key lime pie

If you’ve ever had key lime pie, you know how delicious lime-y citrus can taste. This is because unlike most other lime varieties, key limes are quite sweet rather than sour. Mosambi fruits taste almost identical, and are magnificent in pies, tarts, and coconut lime bites.

Use key limes as mosambi substitutes if you can’t find these Indian fruits near you. Alternatively, combine the two in your favorite lime-based recipe and prepare to feel your toes curl.

What’s your favorite way to use mosambi fruits? Hopefully you can also enjoy some of these fruits like mosambi on a regular basis too. Be sure to experiment in the kitchen and have fun with your lime-flavored culinary creations!

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