Do Plums Ripen After Being Picked? (EXPLAINED)

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Do Plums Ripen After Being Picked

Plums are fruits that grow on trees and are more often than not dried and turned into prunes, but they can also be eaten raw or used as ingredients in a meal. 

Scientifically, plums belong to the Prunus genus.

Below, we discuss whether or not plums ripen after being picked.

Do Plums Ripen After Being Picked?

Plums are one of the many types of fruits that continue to ripen at a decent rate after being picked. You can keep them on the kitchen counter or in the pantry as well as in any other location that stays room temperature. 

How Do You Ripen a Plum?

If you want your plums to ripen quicker than they do just sitting on the counter, try sticking them in a paper bag. If you really want to speed things up, throw a banana or apple in the bag to lend some ethylene to the ripening process. A plum that is picked too early may take up to two weeks to ripen properly.

How to Tell if a Plum is Ripe?

Plums are easy to tell when they are ripe. The first indicator is that they should be the correct color for their species (probably blue or purple). The second indicator that a plum is ripe is that it is soft under your fingertips when you squeeze it. Last but not least, the plum will have a pleasant aroma to it.

Are Unripe Plums Safe to Eat?

Plums are not only safe to eat when they are unripe, they are actually considered a delicacy in some regions of the world. That said, avoid eating large amounts of unripe plum at one time because it almost always leads to a serious stomach ache.

Do Ripe Plums Go in the Fridge?

The best place to store plums is anywhere that is room temperature, afterward, the best place to store them becomes the fridge. Ripe plums should be eaten immediately or stored in the fridge and eaten over the next two to three days.