Do Cantaloupe Continue to Ripen After Being Picked? (EXPLAINED)

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Do Cantaloupe Continue to Ripen After Being Picked_

The cantaloupe belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family and is a sort of melon that is typically either loved or hated. You may also know the fruit by the name sweet melon, muskmelon, or rockmelon. 

In days gone by, the term cantaloupe referred to European melons with orange flesh. Today, the term includes all melons of the c. melon species with orange flesh.

Below, we have a look at the question, “do cantaloupe ripen after being picked?”.

Do Cantaloupe Ripen After Being Picked?

Cantaloupe is one of the main melons that continue ripening after being picked (unlike watermelon). Further, once they begin ripening they become sweeter, softer, and juicier.

How Do You Ripen a Cantaloupe?

Cantaloupe will ripen at a slow pace simply sitting on the kitchen counter (or in the fruit drawer, in the fridge). That said, you may also expedite the ripening process. 

All you need to do to cause a cantaloupe to ripen faster is store it in a paper bag. Adding a banana to the paper bag makes the ripening occur at an even faster rate.

How to Tell if a Cantaloupe is Ripe?

The easiest and primary method for gauging whether a cantaloupe is ripe or not is looking at the color of the exterior of the fruit. If it has changed from a greenish color to tan, the cantaloupe is ripe. Even more, ripe cantaloupes tend to put off a strong scent of melon. So, if it isn’t green, and it smells like it’s ripe, it’s probably ripe.

Do Cantaloupe Ripen on the Counter?

Yes, cantaloupe does indeed ripen on the counter. However, if you wish to ripen them even faster, just throw them in a brown bag with a handful of apples or a banana and leave them on the counter (as long as it remains room temperature). Check back in a few days and you should be all set!

How Long Do Storebought Cantaloupes Take to Ripen?

If you’ve picked a mostly ripe cantaloupe from the vine or purchased one from the marketplace, your cantaloupe may take another 2 to 3 days to ripen. That said, if the melon was already ripe for several days when you get your hands on it, it could begin spoiling in 2 to 3 days.

The process is usually going to take around two days, but it primarily depends on how quickly you picked up the cantaloupe off the vine. After every couple of days, you should open the bag and check the ripeness of the cantaloupe.