Does Oolong Tea Have Quercetin (EXPLAINED)

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Does Oolong Tea Have Quercetin

Produced by harvesting the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant and then allowing them to wither and oxidize in the sun before being processed, oolong tea falls between black tea and green tea in terms of flavor. Very popular in southern China, oolong has begun to build an international following due to its many purported health benefits. Our question is, does oolong tea have quercetin?

Quick Answer: Yes – Oolong tea does contain quercetin. Compared to other similar foods, its quercetin content is moderately high.

Quercetin Content of Oolong Tea

The quercetin content of oolong tea is 1.30mg/100ml, and it is also a rich source of other antioxidants. 

Is Oolong Tea High in Quercetin?

Compared to other foods, oolong tea is reasonably high in quercetin.

Let’s take a look at how it compares to 5 similar foods.

  • White tea contains no quercetin, and so presents no competition for oolong tea.
  • With 1.99mg/100ml, black tea is slightly higher in quercetin than oolong tea.
  • Brewed green tea provides almost twice as much quercetin (2.49mg/100ml) as oolong tea.
  • Coffee only contains 0.06mg/100ml of quercetin, far less than oolong.
  • Ready-to-drink green tea has little quercetin (0.21mg/100ml) as compared to oolong tea. 


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