Best Jar Opener for Arthritic Hands – Top 9 Options

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Do you struggle to open jars and lids? If so, we’ve found the best jar openers for arthritic hands. Keep reading to discover the tools which will make your life much easier!

Best Jar Opener for Arthritic Hands

Quick Summary

Product Name Grade
OXO Good Grips Jar Opener with Base Pad A
Kichwit Stainless Steel Jar Opener A
Under Cabinet Opener for Weak Hands A
Leifheit Extra Wide Stainless Steel Lid and Jar Opener A
Multi-Function Can and Bottle Opener Kit A
Black & Decker Lids Off Jar Opener A
Maxracy Premium All-in-One Twist Gripper A
Swing-A-Way Comfort Grip Jar Opener A

Best Jar Openers for Arthritis Hands

OXO Good Grips Jar Opener with Base Pad

OXO Good Grips Jar Opener with Base Pad

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This jar opener from OXO is heavy-duty enough to stand up to even the most challenging, most stubborn jars. It features a base pad that acts as a non-slip surface that helps to keep the jar in place, so you don’t have to use as much effort.

The stainless steel teeth grip around the jar once placed over the top. Then all you have to do is twist counter-clockwise, and it will loosen.

Easy on your hands and wrists, you don’t have to worry about pain to get a jar open anymore. Even if you use four fingers and don’t involve your thumb, you will still use this product.

Just hold the jar with one hand and use the heel of the other to push the opener and save your fingers the pain of gripping and twisting.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Features a contoured grip that won’t slip
  • OXO provides a satisfaction guarantee


  • Some customers said the teeth did not grip tightly enough

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Kichwit Stainless Steel Jar Opener

Kichwit Jar Opener Stainless Steel, Bottle Opener Keychain Included

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This tiny little tool from Kichwit can easily open jars. It’s made of stainless steel, so you can be confident it won’t rust even if you have to wash it. Don’t worry about jars getting messy or their contents spilling over the edges because you can rinse the opener off, and it will be as good as new.

All you have to do is put the tool over the lid and twist the handle. The easy to hold plastic handle is more comfortable to grip and doesn’t need a lot of effort.

Let the steel teeth do all the work as they grip the edge of the stubborn lid and slide it open. After a few turns, you will hear the seal of the jar pop, and then you can easily lift the lid off.


  • It comes with a free key chain bottle opener.
  • A durable plastic handle and stainless steel mean this product is long-lasting.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee making this a risk-free purchase.
  • It weighs just 4.4 ounces, so that it can be brought with you anywhere, even for an outdoor picnic.
  • Works even on plastic lids for bottles with a twist cap


  • It’s best used on lids between 1-inch and 3.7-inches in diameter, which means it won’t work on larger-sized lids.
  • This opener is not ideal for those with severe arthritis because it still requires you to use both hands, one to grip the jar and the other to turn the handle.

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Under Cabinet Opener for Weak Hands

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Gone are the days of running jars under hot water or banging them on the countertops to get them open. With this opener, you can conveniently lift off even the most stubborn lids without having to ask for help.

Not only is this opener good for those with arthritis, but it’s so simple and easy to use that it’s also great for children. It fits under your kitchen cabinets and is already mounted, so you can use just one hand to hold the jar up.

It’s safe to use because it doesn’t have any parts that can pinch your hands or fingers. Just put the top of the gar into the opener’s wedge and press into the center, then turn and rely on the leverage of the teeth to do the heavy lifting for you.


  • Easy to install by peeling back the adhesive and placing it wherever is most convenient for you. You can also screw it into the cabinet for more stability if you desire.
  • A pack of two means you can have one in each area of your kitchen, so you don’t have to walk back and forth to access it.
  • It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee and can always be returned for a full refund if you aren’t satisfied.


  • Some people had a hard time getting the adhesive to stick to their cabinets even after cleaning them.
  • Other customers recommended using the screws to make it more secure but were disappointed that they weren’t included.

Leifheit Extra Wide Stainless Steel Lid and Jar Opener

Leifheit Extra Wide Stainless Steel Lid and Jar Opener | Black and Silver

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Those suffering from arthritis or carpal tunnel will be happy to discover this jar opener by Leifheit. Although it may look like a big set of pinchers, its wide-set handles are designed to open almost any jar.

The stainless steel teeth firmly grip lids, so all you have to do is a twist. Long handles also provide leverage, so it’s easy to twist around and open the jar.

Don’t be intimidated by the look of it because it’s effortless to use. It even has a smaller set of teeth that can be used for opening smaller things like soda bottles or other small beverages.


  • Dishwasher-safe easy to clean if you experience any unexpected spills.
  • Handles are covered in black comfort grips that are gentle and easy on your hands as you grip them.
  • Can open up extra-wide to open even the largest jars, such as pickle jars which are notoriously difficult to open


  • Some found it a little difficult to maneuver
  • A few customers commented that the metal bent when they applied pressure, which was not strong enough.

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Multi-Function Can and Bottle Opener Kit

Jar Opener, 5 in 1 Multi Function Can Opener Bottle Opener Kit with Silicone Handle Easy to Use for Children, Elderly and Arthritis Sufferers (Apple Red)

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With this handy kit, you’ll be able to regain your freedom in the kitchen by effortlessly opening anything in minutes. It comes with two sets of openers to be used on a wide variety of containers such as bottle tops and caps, sodas, pickle jars, and more.

The four different grips allow you to adjust to the size of whatever you are opening. It also comes with a multi-purpose tool to help open pull tabs and open glass bottles.

You’ll get the perfect amount of leverage that will make opening anything a breeze. So save your hands while still enjoying the ability to crack open the toughest jar.


  • It has an ergonomic design that prevents slipping and is gentle on arthritic hands.
  • The non-slip rubber handles ensure it is safe to use and have a firm grip even when wet.
  • Extremely lightweight, so you can buy an extra to keep in your handbag or car
  • Ideal for medium and smaller sized lids, including beverage containers of all kinds


  • Some people complained that it did not grip the jar well enough for them
  • Other customers found it took too much strength to get things open

Black & Decker Lids Off Jar Opener

Black & Decker JW200 Lids Off Jar Opener, White

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Even the most difficult to open lids don’t stand a chance when it comes to this electric jar opener by Black & Decker. You will be impressed at how much power this appliance contains as it can even open lids that are vacuum-sealed closed.

It’s straightforward to operate, just put your jar inside and lower the top down. Then hold the button down until it becomes loose. You’ll be able to open just about anything with the push of a button!


  • It can be used with just one hand
  • It is electric, so it does not require batteries
  • It can open both metal and plastic lids so you can open everything from peanut butter to spaghetti sauce.
  • Collapses for extra space-efficiency


  • It can only handle jars up to 4.5-inches in diameter and 8 inches high because each jar must fit inside the machine.
  • It cannot be used with small bottles with narrow necks like beer or glass soda bottles.

Maxracy Premium All-in-One Twist Gripper

Maxracy Premium All-in-one Bottle Can Lid Twist Gripper Ideal for Seniors Arthritis Suffers and Weak Hands with Free Jar Opener (5-in-1 Green and 4-in-1 Yellow)

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This little green gadget is a true lifesaver for opening all kinds of bottles and jars. With four different sizes and five different types of openers, there are a few things it can’t handle. It can even help open cans with tabs and jars with screw caps.

You won’t have to interrupt cooking to wrestle with a jar anymore. Not to mention the design works without stressing fragile joints and ligaments in your hands.

The silicone grip lets you get the leverage needed, so you use less effort but still have much power. It’s made from food-grade polypropylene and rubber, so it’s easy to hold and won’t slip away from you.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Versatile enough to be used on almost all types of jars
  • Compact design fits into any drawer or can be hung on the wall
  • Friendly customer service means you can call them anytime if you have problems or questions


  • It doesn’t work for very large jars
  • Some did not like the color of the product and found it broke easily

Swing-A-Way Comfort Grip Jar Opener

Swing-A-Way Comfort Grip Jar Opener, Black, 7.5-Inch

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This opener by Swing-A-Way may not look very fancy, but it knows how to get the job done and does not require a strong grip to do it. Instead, you just put it over the top of the jar, tighten until it’s got a firm grip around the lid, and then twist to open.

The cushion-grips are comfortable to hold, so you don’t hurt your hands. The spring-loaded power and leveraged twisting make for smooth movements so you can seamlessly release lids.


  • It is made from durable stainless steel, so it will not break easily like plastic jar openers.
  • Has comfortable grips and handles that can fit hands of all sizes
  • It does not stain hands or wrists when opening


  • A few customers reported that it did not grip well on very large jars
  • Some thought the previous models were made a little better and felt heavier or more durable

Robo Twist Electric Jar Opener

There are so many different sizes of jars and cans, so you may be wondering how one opener can help with all of them. Well, this Robo twist opener can adjust to fit any size container, so you will only need to purchase one tool.

Just position the opener over a lid and press the easy-switch button, then watch as it rotates to open lids. It’s so easy to use that you may start to look forward to a task that many often dread and avoid.

It’s small enough to pick up easily but weighs less than a pound, so you don’t have to exert yourself to get it on top of a jar. It’s also compact, which makes for easy storage and doesn’t take up unnecessary room in your kitchen drawers.


  • It comes in a pack of 2 in case one gets lost or misplaced
  • Easy to operate with just the press of a button
  • Shuts off automatically after the jar is opened
  • Lightweight


  • Powered by two AA batteries that need to be replaced

Considerations for Choosing an Arthritis Friendly Jar Opener


It probably feels like having the ability to open stubborn jars is priceless, but that doesn’t mean you should spend a fortune on a jar opener. It’s just a small tool, so it shouldn’t eat up your entire budget.

opening with force

Depending on how often you use it, you can adjust a bit accordingly. Those who rarely open jars will need something reliable but need not invest in the highest quality.

But if you need it to open up water bottles or other beverages daily, then it’s worth investing in something that can be used hundreds of times before wearing out. In that case, spend a little more to get something that will make your life infinitely easier.


Even the smallest jars can be very heavy when unopened and full. So you don’t want to add extra weight to an already difficult task by purchasing a heavy jar opener.

Instead, something lightweight but strong should be used to pop open the jar. A lightweight jar opener can also be easily put away when you finish or taken with you if you are having an outdoor party or barbecue.


sizes of jars

Not only is the size of the opener itself important, but also the various sizes of jars that it can open. A small opener will be easy to hold in your hands, and you can reach for it and grab it from a drawer with ease.

The range of diameters it can accommodate will also be important. Ideally, an opener should open both small and large jars. But if you rarely purchase those wide jars, then you can get away with one that is best on small or medium-sized lids instead.


The whole goal of purchasing a jar opener is to comfort and save your hands from the strain of trying to twist off lids that refuse to budge. You don’t want to end up with an opener that is almost as painful as opening a jar manually is.

So look for one that fits in your hands, has soft grips, and doesn’t make your fingers do too much work. Those that rely on leverage or can be pushed with the palm of your hand will also save you from strain and pain.

Grip and Leverage

opening large jar

One of the hardest things about opening a jar if you have arthritis is getting your hand around the opening. If a jar is too big, then your hand has to stretch too far, and it’s hard to apply pressure. Small jars require a tight grip and closing your fingers that much can be painful.

The jar opener of your choice should be a happy medium, so you can comfortably hold it in your hand. It should have a strong grip around the jar, so your hand doesn’t have to do that part anymore. Then it should give enough leverage so you can apply pressure without exerting too much effort.

Ideally, you can use the opener to tighten the clamp lid, and then with just a small twist or the push of a button, it will do the rest for you. It also shouldn’t slip even if it gets wet or the contents of the jar begins to leak out.

Wrap Up

There are so many jar openers available, with many of them keeping in mind those who have arthritis or weaker hands. Our choice is the Black & Decker Lids Off Jar Opener because it is high-quality and has a straightforward design. It is on the more expensive side but will be a worthwhile investment because it allows you to open almost any jar with the push of a button.

Even though other openers are easier than using your bare hands, this one is by far the easiest and will have you opening everything with ease. Just press a button, and, voila, any jar will open for you like magic!

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