Best Insulated Lunch Bag for Adults – Top 7 Options

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best insulated lunch bag for adults

Bringing your lunch with you on the go is a fantastic way to stay healthy and save money. Most adults spend an average of $10 per day on lunch.

Think of your savings if you packed your lunch every day – or even a few days per week! Additionally, you will not be tempted by the many unhealthy fast food options if you know you have a healthy lunch waiting for you.

Instead of exploring the restaurants around your office, explore the many ways to bring a hot or cool lunch to work instead. Bringing your lunch no longer has to be boring.

Search the Internet for your favorite recipes, try them out, then freshly pack them in an insulated lunch box to bring variety to your mid day meal.

To get you started, we’ve rounded up the best insulated lunch bags for adults...

Don’t have time to read? Here’s a quick summary of the products we recommend.

Product Name Grade
Insulated Lunch Bag by Tirrinia A+
WiseLife Grey Tall Insulated Lunch Bag A+
Insulated Lunch Bag with Black Handles by Srise A+
Lunch Bag with Large Strap for Adults by Lifewit A
Purse-Style Insulated Lunch Bag by Baloray A+
Blue Colored Insulated Lunch Bag for Men Women by Bagmine A
Insulated Dual Compartment Lunch Bag by Tiblue A+

Best Insulated Lunch Bags for Adults

Insulated Lunch Bag by Tirrinia

Insulated Lunch Bag for Women Men, Leakproof Thermal Reusable Lunch Box for Adult & Kids by Tirrinia, Lunch Cooler Tote for Office Work, Dark Grey

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This Tirrinia insulated lunch box is a great option for bringing your lunch on the go. First, its construction will last you a long time. It is made out of 600D durable Oxford cloth which is one of the best on the market.

Additionally, add variety to you lunches by adding the option of warm or cold food! This lunch bag features 5mm thick PE foam padding and is lined with PU insulation material that can keep your lunch either hot or cold for hours. No more boring sandwiches. With this insulated lunch bag, you have the option to mix up your meals!

The interior boasts leak proof material so you will not have to worry about messes. Speaking of messes, the interior material is also easily cleanable in the case of a spill.

Another great feature of this insulated lunch bag is that it comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. This can be easily carried like a purse over the shoulder, or as an across-the-body bag for easy hands free transport.

While this bag is the perfect medium size for a lunch on the go, it has the capacity to hold up to 15 cans of soda! Our guess is that you more than likely won’t be taking that much soda to work, but this bag would double nicely for an outdoor picnic or a long road trip.


  • Made out of incredibly durable 600D Oxford material, this lunch bag will stand the test of time.
  • With the 5mm thick PE foam padding and the PU insulated lining, your food will stay at temperature for hours.
  • The interior is leak proof and easily cleanable in the case of a mess.
  • Use this bag hands free with the adjustable shoulder strap.
  • This insulated lunch bag can also be used as a cooler for a road trip or a picnic as it can fit up to 15 cans of soda.


  • Because this lunch tote features only one insulated compartment, you will need to choose if you want your lunch to either be warm or cold.
  • This Tirrinia insulated lunch bag does not come with a lunch container. You will need to provide a container that will fit inside.

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WiseLife Grey Tall Insulated Lunch Bag

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This WiseLife insulated lunch bag is one you will not want to miss. It has some incredible features.

First, the insulation is seriously impressive. It features food grade aluminum lining along with 8mm thick EPE foam pad lining insuring your food will stay at temperature for up to 6 hours. No microwave at lunch time? No problem. Heat up your food before you leave for the day and it will still be warm for lunch.

Additionally, this lunch bag is very durable. It is made out of 1680D Oxford Polyester fabric. That means this bag is water proof and leak proof. It also features sturdy metal zippers that will not rip with prolonged use.

Another great feature of this insulated lunch bag is that all materials from which it is constructed are BPA free. This means there are no environmental or health risks associated.

The two main interior compartments each hold food at temperature for up to 6 hours. Use the top container for cool foods and the bottom for warm food. Each will stay at the intended temperature without disturbing the other.

This is another great lunch bag with an adjustable shoulder strap. Already have a lot to carry on your way out the door? No problem for this insulated lunch bag. Wear it over the body or over the shoulder and you have one less thing in your hands.


  • Featuring three layers of environmentally and health friendly insulation, this WiseLife lunch bag keeps your food at temperature for up to 6 hours.
  • Made out of very durable fabric and metal zippers means this lunch box will last a very long time.
  • Because this lunch box features two insulated compartments, you are able to conveniently pack both hold and cold food all in one bag.
  • The included shoulder strap allows for convenient hands free transport of your healthy warm or cold lunch.
  • Two insulated interior compartments mean you can pack both hot and cold dishes and each will stay at the perfect temperature.


  • This lunch box does not come with lunch containers already. For use, you will need to provide your own Tupperware.

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Insulated Lunch Bag with Black Handles by Srise

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When you are ready to bring more exiting lunch options to work, this lunch bag by Srise will help you out. It is insulated with a lining of food grade aluminum that will keep your lunch warm or cool for a very long time.

The external construction is of high-quality Oxford cloth; the best choice on the market for durability. Making it more durable are its reinforced seems and dual zippers. This lunch bag will not be threatened by wear and tear on the work site.

Further, it features a leak proof interior guarding your car or refrigerator from leaks. This makes the Srise lunch bag a fun option to take to the beach or a road trip-  fill the interior with ice and drinks. They will stay cool with no spills the entire day.

However, in the event of a spill inside this lunch tote, the lining is easy to clean. Srise has made the interior easily wipeable with a damp cloth. Then you can just let it sit open for a complete dry. You will not have to worry about mildew build up or crusty dry food with this easy clean system.

This tote features one standard sized interior insulated compartment that will fit most any size Tupperware container.


  • Insulated with food grade aluminum means this lunch box is safe for your health.
  • Leak proof features eliminate the worry of spills or mess.
  • Exterior constructed of Oxford cloth, reinforced seems, and double zippers making this an ideal choice for someone who needs a highly durable tote.
  • The standard sized interior fits many sizes of lunch containers.
  • Its easy clean design ensures you will not have to battle with mildew or food buildup.


  • Providing your own Tupperware container for this lunch bag is a must. It does accommodate most standard sizes, however.

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Lunch Bag with Large Strap for Adults by Lifewit

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Lifewit makes another great option we love for the adult looking to bring variety to their lunch. As insulation is key to keeping your meal safe, this lunch box brings peace of mind with its insulation of food grade PEVA foil lining with the addition of 5mm EPE foam padding for thermal resistance.

On the exterior, this lunch bag is made of premium 1680D Oxford fabric which makes this tote water-resistant, dirt-proof, and highly durable. Even better, because of the high quality materials of which this lunch box is constructed, it is easily cleanable- an essential feature for a busy adult.

You will not only be able to pack a hot lunch safely in this lunch box, but because it features two separate insulated compartments, you can easily pack a salad, fruit, or other cold food, too. The dual design gives this bag great versatility.

What sets this lunch bag apart from the rest, is that it comes with its own ice pack. The design ensures it fits into the inside sections easily without taking up much room.


  • Constructed of high quality materials, this tote is water-proof, dirt-proof, and very durable.
  • The internal lining of foil and padding creates double-duty temperature protection, keeping your food safe for hours.
  • Dual compartments allow you to bring both warm and cold foods.
  • An optional adjustable shoulder strap means you can carry this bag hands free.
  • The included ice pack will keep your cold section cold without taking up a lot of space.


  • Some users noted that the zippers can break easily.
  • While this lunch box comes with an ice pack, it does not provide lunch containers.

Purse-Style Insulated Lunch Bag by Baloray

BALORAY Large Insulated Lunch Bag for Women and Men with Food Containers& Shoulder Strap Leakproof Lunch Tote Bag Lunch Box for Work Picnic Hiking Beach Fishing

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This is a great lunch bag to fit a variety of needs. The first thing to notice is its large size. The internal insulated compartment is huge with room for almost anything you need on the go. Some users, who are nursing mothers, use this bag to store cold milk while using the rest of the space as a diaper bag.

They have confidence using this bag as it features hot-embossing workmanship. This guarantees no leaks from the seams.

The insulation features on this bag all BPA free and easy to clean. It is lined with food grade durable aluminum. And the exterior is made up of 600D Oxford fabric.

Baloray includes two collapsible silicone lunch containers with this bag. Each are BPA free and dishwasher safe.


  • Its extra large size is great for making this bag a lunch box, plus. Use it as a diaper bag or a tote for all of your other daily needs.
  • Guaranteed to be leak proof with hot-embossed seams.
  • All materials are BPA free.
  • Insulated with food grade aluminum.
  • The exterior is constructed of highly durable 600D Oxford material.
  • Included two dishwasher safe lunch containers.


  • This is a bag this is only useful for large quantities.

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Blue Colored Insulated Lunch Bag for Men Women by Bagmine

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Busy adults will find this lunch box by BagMine to be a convenient option for carrying along a healthy mid day meal.

Its best feature is its double decker design that allows for safely separating foods of differing temperatures. Your warm dinner left overs and your cool salad will not be compromised by utilizing these two compartments.

Outside, this bag features water-repellent fabric that keeps the elements out and makes this bag easy to clean. Inside, the bag is lined with PEVA food-safe insulation which will keep food at temperature for up to four hours.

All of the materials in this bag are easy to clean. Get rid of stains, marks, spills, and food residue with just a damp cloth. When you are already investing the time in packing your lunch, you do not want to spend more time cleaning. This lunch tote will solve that problem for you.

A few extra features like the adjustable shoulder strap and the extra front pouch gives this bag some more versatility. Sling the tote over your shoulder free your hands. And never forget napkins, utensils, and other lunch accessories again by popping them in the front pocket.


  • The double decker design gives you the freedom to pack both warm and cold foods for your mid day meal.
  • Food-safe PEVA lining keeps food at the desired temperature for up to four hours.
  • Water-repellent fabric on the exterior makes sure nothing leaks inside the bag.
  • Easy to clean materials keep away mildew, stains, and food residue.
  • Use the adjustable shoulder strap to make this lunch tote hands free.
  • Pack napkins, utensils, and anything extra you may need in the front pouch.


  • Make sure you have a lunch container that will fit this bag. It does not come with one.
  • Many users report that the zippers are hard to use.

Insulated Dual Compartment Lunch Bag by Tiblue

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For a great insulated lunch bag, look no further than this Tiblue extra large double decker tote. What makes this bag unique is its large size. Going on a long road trip or need to pack lunch for multiple people? This is the bag you need. 

To illustrate its size, the bottom insulated compartment can easily hold a full 12-pack of soda while the top insulated compartment can hold an additional 10 cans. However, you do not need to just pack drinks in this bag. Use it to bring a variety of foods for your lunch or pack an extra large meal to share.

Need your lunch to be hands free? This bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap so you can use your hands for more important tasks. The strap does feature a comfort handle which will help if you load it  all the way up and the bag gets heavy.

Inside, the main compartments are insulated with 5mm thick permanent pearl padding and leak proof insulated EVA lining. This ensures long lasting temperature control. Plus, the EVA lining is very easy to clean with a damp cloth.

The exterior of the bag utilizies 300D Oxford grade material and reinforced YKK premium metal dual zippers. That means this lunch bag is meant to last. These are all very durable materials that can withstand the weight of the bag’s full capacity.


  • The large size of the insulated lunch bag allows it to double as a cooler on the go or as a lunch bag to service multiple people with multiple meals.
  • For a hands free experience, this bag comes with an optional adjustable shoulder strap. The addition of the comfort handle will help out if this bag is heavy and packed to capacity.
  • 5mm thick permanent pearl padding and leak proof EVA lining ensure long lasting insulation.
  • This lunch box features an easy to clean interior.
  • Reinforced YKK premium metal dual zippers and 300D Oxford material mean this insulated lunch bag is constructed to last.


  • This is a large bag. It may not be suited for everyday purposes.

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What to Consider When Buying an Insulated Lunch Bag for Adults


As a busy adult with long work hours and errands to run, you need to make sure your food stays safely insulated on the go. Be sure to check for features that will keep your food either warm or cold, as you need.

Available Space 

It will also be important for you to consider how much room you will need to pack for your day. If you need to bring two meals, or if you need to pack extras like water bottles and silverware, look for a lunch box with extra space.


Most adults already have Tuppeware or similar lunch containers at home. Make sure the ones you own will fit into your new lunch box. A few on the market come with containers that fit perfectly inside. This may be a great option for you if you do not already have some of your own.


It is important that your lunch box is durable inside and out. Consider your commute. What will you have to take your lunchbox though? Prevent it from tearing on the train by choosing a high quality material like Oxford.

A common complaint of most lunch boxes is that the inside insulation is easy to rip. Find a model that is durably lined to prevent internal damage.

Wrap Up

There are so many suggested ways to save money and get healthy out there. One of the best tips is to bring your own lunch. It helps in both categories. Why not make the simple change to packing your lunch a few days per week, or even every day?

Now, bringing lunch does not have to mean to same repetitive lunches from your childhood. Adults have the ability to mix up their meal options by utilizing an insulated lunch bag. Experiment with healthy recipes at home and safely bring them to work or on the go.

If you’re having stuck deciding, our favorite is the Insulated Lunch Bag by Tirrinia. It’s simple, neutral colored, generally pretty affordable and will get you started off on the right foot!

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