4 Fruits that Start with X

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4 Fruits that Start with X

Are you searching for fruits that start with X? Believe it or not, there are a few of them! We’ve included every one we could find on this list.

Keep reading to learn more about each fruit.

1. Xarello


Xarello is a specific kind of grape. It grows in a part of Spain called Catalonia. Most people use it to make white wine.

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2. Xigua


Chances are, you call the xigua watermelon. Here’s a fun fact you might not know about watermelons: they’re actually considered a berry.

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3. Ximenia


Ximenia is part of the scientific name for an African fruit that is otherwise called the large sourplum. You can eat them raw, but as their nickname implies, they are quite sour. Most people use them to make dessert or jam.

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4. Xinomavro


The Xinomavro is a wine grape that comes from a few regions in Greece. Wine made from Xinomavro grapes is considered one of the most important types of Greek wines.

Fruits that Start with X